Nick Mason-McLaren F1 GTR Crash-Goodwood McLaren Videos 

Pink Floyd’s Drummer Crashes Multi-Million Dollar McLaren F1 GTR at Goodwood

Pink Floyd’s drummer has crashed his multi-million dollar supercar. Nick Mason crashed his McLaren F1 GTR on the Goodwood Circuit on Sunday. While Mason was not hurt in the accident, his rare and expensive supercar would require more than just some TLC. The McLaren F1 GTR took part in the GT1 demonstration on Sunday. Sadly, it was wrecked on its parade lap. Nick Mason regularly attends these events. He is an avid fan of historic racing himself and loves to take his McLaren F1 GTR on track. Also see: McLaren F1…

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Mclaren P1 McLaren News 

McLaren P1 GTR with 1000 PS is in the making

McLaren has committed itself to a new track-car program on the same lines as F1 GTR of the past. The McLaren F1 GTR was a track-focused F1 with numerous improvements over the road car. In a similar fashion, the new McLaren P1 will receive extensive upgrades to create the P1 GTR. It is kind of McLaren’s answer to Ferrari XX program which also allows its customers to own a track-only version of their flagship supercars. Now, McLaren has disclosed more about the P1 GTR which is to pack 1000 PS…

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