Ferrari 599 GTB Drift car-1 Ferrari News 

Checkout this insane Ferrari 599 GTB Drift Car

Federico Sceriffo will be running a very special car at the Formula Drift championship in the US. It is a Ferrari 599 GTB drift car. I believe he took inspiration from Daigo Saito’s Lamborghini Murcielago drift car. Nevertheless, it looks insane! Federico’s 599 GTB drift car features an aggressive body kit comprising of a large splitter upfront and a massive rear wing at the back and cannards. The body kit wraps around wider front and rear tracks. It even has a rear-mounted radiator. Under the skin, the Ferrari 599 GTB…

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Ryan Tuerck drifting his Ferrari-powered Toyota GT4586 at Willow Springs Ferrari Toyota Videos 

VIDEO: Ryan Tuerck Drifting a Ferrari-Powered Toyota GT4586

Last year, Ryan Tuerck spent his spare time building a Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86. He called it the GT4586. The car’s first outing was at SEMA where it was showcased to the world. While the build was complete, the only thing missing was a shakedown. Now, for the first time, the pro-drifter has taken his Ferrari-powered GT4586 to a race track. The concept of plonking a Ferrari V8 into a Toyota GT86 sounds insane. But the team clearly pulled it off as the following video demonstrates. Ryan Tuerck drifting a Ferrari-powered Toyota…

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NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Drift Motorsports Videos 

VIDEO: NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Drift

There’s no doubt NHRA’s Top Fuel Dragsters are the fastest accelerating race cars in the world. Powered by nitromethane fuel, these dragsters will do 0-60 mph in 0.2 sec and can reach a top speed of over 300 mph in a quarter mile. It requires immense skill and concentration to keep the 7000 hp machines pointed in a straight line. But, once in a while things to go wrong and thanks to modern camera equipment we can relish some of the moments in slow motion. This footage of a NHRA…

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Arab LaFerrari drifting in Beverly Hills Ferrari Videos 

Arab LaFerrari drifting in Beverly Hills: Video

The tires on a Ferrari LaFerrari don’t come cheap. But, that shouldn’t be a problem for a person who has spent $1.2 million on a supercar. Now, London is perhaps the best place to spot Arab supercars going about their usual business around Sloane street. The city of Los Angeles in the US is slowly catching up as more and more of these are creeping up on the other side of the Atlantic. One such Arab LaFerrari drifting in Beverly Hills was caught on video by SouthBaySupercars. It is quite…

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Mclaren 675LT McLaren Videos 

McLaren 675LT Drifting Around a Racetrack: Video

McLaren has released a video of one of their latest supercars. The McLaren 675LT is the most extreme example from the “Super Series”. Scroll down to watch footage of a the 675LT drifting and dancing around a race track. The McLaren 675LT where ‘LT’ stands for ‘Long Tail’ is being built in limited numbers and is the most expensive of the Super Series models- alongside the 650S. One of the first owners of this rare Mac will be Youtuber Tim Burton also known as Shmee150. Having said that, the 675LT features…

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Driftland Carfection Motorsports 

How To Build a Drift Track: Welcome to Driftland

Drifting was born in Japan and is now popular the world over. The sport of drifting is now a major motorsport event with drivers from every part of the world taking part in championships like D1 GP. Only due to its popularity among the Irish, construction of Driftland could ahead. Here’s how drifting enthusiasts in Ireland got their own drift track. How To Build a Drift Track: Welcome to Driftland Source: XCARFilms via Youtube

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James Deane Carfection Motorsports 

Born to Drift: James Deane

XCAR met up with drifting champ James Deane to understand how he managed to enter professional drifting at a young age. James along with his family has been in the sport since he was 15. James’ brother introduced him to the sport when he was 10 and that ignited the spark as went on to win events. He got his pro license when he was teenager. It must have been such a cool feeling to enter a high-octane sport of drifting this young. Today, Falken Tires is his main sponsor…

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Lamborghini Huracan drifts Lamborghini Videos 

Lamborghini Huracan: Loud Acceleration, Drifting

The more affordable of the two Lamborghini models on sale today is of course the Huracan. Officially known as the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, it is mid-engine, all-wheel drive supercar with 610 hp tucked under its back side. Having all-wheel drive may be good for traction but it can ruin the fun when it comes to drifting. Of course, you wouldn’t want to eat up the tires on your new Lamborghini. But, when it comes to media events like these, no one would care less. Click here to watch a Lamborghini…

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Team Driftworks Carfection Motorsports Tuner Cars Videos 

Driftworks DW86 is a NASCAR V8 powered Toyota Corolla drift car

It all began when a group of friends got together to explore their love of drifting. They were among the first to popularize the sport of drifting Europe and the UK. Their journey has taken them to numerous international drifting events where they’ve won multiple accolades and have made a name for themselves in this competitive sport. Driftworks LTD today offers genuine parts for drift cars. The company was among the first importers of Japanese performance parts in the UK. Today, they have 10 full time employees and business is…

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Ken Block Car Shows Ford Videos 

Ken Block drifts 60’s Ford Mustang for Gymkhana 7

After the video of Tanner Foust drifting a Rolls Royce Wraith went viral last week, here is another American superstar who knows how to drift a car more than anyone else. Yes, I am talking about the gymkhana king Ken Block. Famous for his Youtube videos featuring high octane drift machines in some very ordinary locations, Ken is now back with the latest iteration of his Gymkhana series. Gymkhana 7 is going to be very special and that’s because of one car. Click here to watch Tanner Foust drift a Rolls…

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