Ex-Mayor Ferrari Moscow Shopping Mall-Drift Ferrari Videos 

Ferrari Breaks into Moscow Mall, Drifts and Performs Donuts

A Ferrari driver broke in to a Moscow mall late last night. The driver who was later identified as the ex-mayor of the city drove into the shopping center and performed stunts in his new Italian supercar. The driver- Arkhangelsk Alkesandr Donskoy entered the build using a loading ramp moments before the mall was about to shut down. CCTV footage reveals the Ferrari being driven erratically through the hallway. Occasionally, the driver performed donuts which left tire marks on the floor. According to RT, it took 15 minutes for the mall authorities…

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Ferrari 488 GTB skids and destroys its tires Ferrari Videos 

VIDEO: Ferrari 488 GTB Skids, Spins and Destroys its Tires

It is always fun to watch supercars being manhandled on a track. In this video, a Ferrari 488 GTB driver attempts to drift his mid-engine supercar but fails on multiple occasions. The Ferrari skids and spins on what looks like a disused concrete runway. The result is quite obvious. While, the driver manages to keep the turbocharged 488 GTB from plowing into the crowd like a Mustang, he does destroy the tires on his exotic. I’m sure replacement tires for a 488 GTB don’t come cheap. That said, the driver does need…

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Jon Olsson drifts a Lamborghini Huracan Celebrities Lamborghini Videos 

Jon Olsson Drifts a Lamborghini Huracan with Sam Hubinette

Jon Olsson gets behind the wheel of a modified Lamborghini Huracan in his latest vlog. According to Jon, drifting a Huracan feels all wrong but is a lot of fun at the same time. Let’s talk a bit more about the insane Lamborghini Huracan now. It’s a Huracan LP580-2. Yes, the newly launched rear-wheel drive baby-Lambo. Sam Hubinette has made some changes to the stock car though. The most obvious change is the awesome Vorsteiner body kit and custom wheels. Inside, the supercar has been fitted with a hydraulic handbrake…

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Tanner Foust's 900 hp Passat Celebrities Motorsports Videos 

Tanner Foust in 900hp Passat Drift Car: Hell Breaks Loose

Tanner Foust is back on the international drift scene this year. His choice of weapon is a highly modified family saloon. That’s correct; a Volkswagen Passat pumped up to 900 hp. Give this guy a closed piece of road and the one thing he will do is go sideways in a cloud of tire smoke. That’s exactly what Tanner did when he was given access to a cycling circuit at VW’s Chattanooga plant. Pro cyclist Tim Johnson hopped on board to give Tanner Foust a tour of the USA Cycling…

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Nissan GTR tears up the hill Motorsports Videos 

Motorhead’s Hakone Hill Climb is Japan’s Nurburgring

Motorhead Magazine spent a day at Hakone Mountain at the fabled Mazda Turnpike with some not so ordinary cars. The line up included a Super GT, Time Attack, Rally, Le Mans Classic and Drift machines that took to the extremely technical road course. With highly professional drivers at the wheel, it does look pretty easy, however that’s not the case. The first car to go out on the 8 mile course was a BMW Z4 Super GT series race car. Next up was a classic Ford GT40 in yellow. A…

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BMW M5 30 Jahre M5 BMW Videos 

BMW M5 “30 Jahre M5” drifting around with ease

BMW is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the very popular M5 sedan with a rare, special edition. The BMW M5 “30 Jahre” is a tribute to the legacy of the high performance sedan which first came out in 1984. The first generation BMW M5 was based on the 5-Series bolted with a sporty engine. The motor produced 350 Nm of torque back then and could accelerate the car to a top speed of 245 kph. Back in the 1980’s, the BMW M5 was the benchmark in the sports sedan segment….

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BMW M235i Car Shows 

Drift lessons with Chris Harris

Perhaps the most important of all driving skills, drifting is perceived as anti-social by many. Drifting as a sport has made global headlines thanks to our Japanese friends and their monstrous, turbocharged JDM machines. That said, although you would rarely have to put your drifting skills to use on public roads with speed limits, it is an essential lesson in car control. Basically, your ability to control oversteer can the difference between survival and you wrapping the car around a tree. Honing your drifting skills will require you to find…

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