Ferrari 599 GTB Formula Drift-Fire-Long Beach-1 Ferrari Videos 

Ferrari 599 GTB drift car catches Fire on Debut

Federico Sceriffo’s Ferrari 599 GTB drift car went up in flames on its Formula Drift debut. In 2017, the Italian drifter previewed his new Ferrari 599 GTB drift car in preparation for the 2018 Formula Drift season. Things didn’t go well for the Ferrari driver at his debut event at Long Beach, CA. The 900 hp Ferrari was in front of a Mustang when a front left suspension component broke off and punctured a fuel line. With no steering, Federico was able to park the car in the run-off area….

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James Deane Carfection Motorsports 

Born to Drift: James Deane

XCAR met up with drifting champ James Deane to understand how he managed to enter professional drifting at a young age. James along with his family has been in the sport since he was 15. James’ brother introduced him to the sport when he was 10 and that ignited the spark as went on to win events. He got his pro license when he was teenager. It must have been such a cool feeling to enter a high-octane sport of drifting this young. Today, Falken Tires is his main sponsor…

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