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Pagani Huayra BC Crash Rome News Pagani 

Pagani Huayra BC Crashes in Rome

A Pagani Huayra BC crashed in Rome today. Instagram user AutoInformatief has posted this image of a Huayra BC crushed under a lorry. People are speculating over the authenticity of the image, however there are some who have confirmed it as well. We will have to wait for more images of Huayra BC crash before jumping to conclusions. That said, if this image of the unfortunate incident is legit, here are certain things that we would like to point out. The two guys in the background do look like cops. Also,…

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Nick Mason-McLaren F1 GTR Crash-Goodwood McLaren Videos 

Pink Floyd’s Drummer Crashes Multi-Million Dollar McLaren F1 GTR at Goodwood

Pink Floyd’s drummer has crashed his multi-million dollar supercar. Nick Mason crashed his McLaren F1 GTR on the Goodwood Circuit on Sunday. While Mason was not hurt in the accident, his rare and expensive supercar would require more than just some TLC. The McLaren F1 GTR took part in the GT1 demonstration on Sunday. Sadly, it was wrecked on its parade lap. Nick Mason regularly attends these events. He is an avid fan of historic racing himself and loves to take his McLaren F1 GTR on track. Also see: McLaren F1…

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Pagani Huyra Pearl Rebuilt Pagani Videos 

Unique Pagani Huayra Pearl Rebuilt After it Crashed in Paris Last Year

Refined Marques’ one-off Pagani Huayra Pearl was crashed in Paris last year. Now, the Huayra Pearl has been rebuilt and is back on the road. The Huayra Pearl was commissioned by a very distinguished customer of the brand. It featured several unique touches including a reworked rear end with an additional fixed wing. Wrapped in blue carbon and a white leather interior, the Pearl had various upgrades on it that no Huayra had. The Huayra Pearl has now been rebuilt to the latest specification. Pagani has given it a new lease…

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Crash-Paul Ricard Ferrari Videos 

VIDEO: Ferrari 458 Speciale Crashes on a wet Paul Ricard Circuit

The Paul Ricard circuit in France is known for its massive run-offs. The driver of this Ferrari wasn’t lucky enough and found a wall instead. His 458 Speciale crashed hard as he lost control during track day. Recent rain showers had made the track wet, however it doesn’t look that bad in the video. It seems, the driver of the 458 Speciale was a bit to eager with the throttle. He lost the back-end was a passenger from then on wards. The expensive exotic skidded off the tarmac and straight…

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Two killed in Lamborghini crash in Las Vegas Lamborghini News 

Two Killed in Lamborghini Crash in Las Vegas

A student and his driving instructor were killed in fiery Lamborghini crash in Las Vegas on Sunday. The client was driving the supercar at the time while the instructor was in the passenger’s seat. The car veered off track and hit a wall before bursting into flames. Both occupants were killed instantly on impact. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the instructor employed by SpeedVegas was in his 50s and was a “longtime professional driver”. The other deceased is believed to be in his mid-30s. The accident took place during…

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McLaren 12C crash in parking lot at supercar experience event McLaren Videos 

McLaren 12C Crash in Parking Lot at Supercar Experience Event

Taking liberties with a high-performance mid-engine supercar like a McLaren MP4-12C is never advisable. Moreover, at least keeping both hands on the steering wheel might be a good idea. This person who came to experience a McLaren 12C at a $99 “ride and drive” event had no clue what he was doing. Add to that, an incompetent driving instructor resulted in this McLaren 12C crash. The driver starts off by driving at a steady pace albeit with just one hand on the steering wheel. But, at least he is comfortable…

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Van driver crashes Pagani Zonda F in Uruguay-2 Pagani Videos 

Van Driver Crashes into a Rare Pagani Zonda F in Uruguay

It’s quite natural to get excited when you see a rare and expensive supercar on the streets. However, if you are driving, it’s advisable that you concentrate on the road. A van driver learned his lesson the hard way when his video was briefly interrupted as he plowed into a Pagani Zonda F. A accident took place in Uruguay where a rare Pagani Zonda F was cruising down a busy street. The driver of the van behind was busy filming the exotic when suddenly the cars in front stopped. The…

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Chris Brown's Lamborghini Aventador Crashed in Beverly Hills-3 Celebrities Lamborghini News 

Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador Crashed in Beverly Hills

Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador was found abandoned on Beverly Hills roads following a major crash. The singer’s expensive exotic was completely destroyed in accident. It is not clear as to who was driving the Lamborghini at the time as those involved had fled the scene before anyone could find out. No one knows if anyone was hurt in the accident. There doesn’t seem to be any kind property damage, however Chris Brown’s Lamborghini didn’t survive. The $400,000 Italian supercar was probably doing illegal speeds before being wrecked. The right hand…

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Red Bud Trail Crash-Austin-Texas-2 Ferrari News 

Ferrari 458 Speciale Totaled in a High Speed Crash in Texas

A high-speed crash left a $385,000 Ferrari 458 Speciale totaled at the bottom of 40-foot ravine in Austin, Texas. Three people were on-board the exotic when the accident happened. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. That said, the expensive supercar was left in bits and would probably never see the road again. According to the Austin Fire Department, the driver was under influence when the crash took place. Weirdly, there three people on-board in a car that barely has space for 2 occupants. Red Bud Trail where the accident happened…

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Valentino Rossi crashes his Audi RS6-2 Audi Celebrities News 

MotoGP Legend Valentino Rossi Crashes his Audi RS6

MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi has crashed his Audi RS6. Rossi wrecked his car while leaving a ski resort at Madonna di Campiglio in Italy. Fortunately, no one was hurt although the same cannot be said about the Audi RS6. Rossi lost control of his V8 powered station wagon and must have hit rear end as it suffered minor damage to the rear bumper, diffuser and exhaust. Apparently, one of the rear wheels cracked due to the impact. While the damaged RS6 will soon be back on the road, the…

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