Ferrari FXX Evoluzione-crash-Monza Ferrari Videos 

VIDEO: Ferrari FXX Evoluzione crashes at Monza

A Ferrari FXX Evoluzione crashed during a private track day held at Monza in Italy. It was a damp morning and grip levels were low, especially in the braking zones. The driver locked up braking into turn 1 and spun across the track. The supercar then skid off the racetrack and slammed into the barriers. While the car suffered major damage to its front end, the driver reportedly escaped unscathed. The action starts at 6.22. The Ferrari FXX Evoluzione is the successor to the Enzo-based FXX and the father of…

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Pagani Zonda PS-crash-UK-1 News Pagani 

One-off Pagani Zonda PS Crashed in the UK

The Pagani Zonda PS – a one-off supercar has involved in an accident in the UK. The images of the crash were posted on Instagram. The images suggest that the supercar suffered cosmetic damage, although details about the crash are scarce. We’re not sure whether some other car was also involved in the accident. That said, it seems like the front-left hand side of the vehicle could have struck something, which caused the nose to rip off from the rest of the bodywork. A slight brush with the barrier could…

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Bugatti-Veyron-Crash-Grand Tour-3 Bugatti News 

Bugatti Veyron Crashes during Bugatti Grand Tour in South America

Images of a Bugatti Veyron Vitesse that crashed in the Andes mountains have surfaces on the internet. The expensive supercar veered off the road and crashed into a mountainside. It was part of a convoy of Bugattis that are currently cruising around Argentina and Chile as part of the Bugatti Grand Tour. While there are no reports of injuries, the Veyron sustained substantial damage. However, the damage seems mostly cosmetic including a broken grille, crushed bumpers and tail pipes along with minor scratches and bruises. This being a Bugatti, the…

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mclaren-720s-crash-1 McLaren News 

Here’s the first reported crash of a McLaren 720S

A McLaren 720S just crashed while taking part in a local supercar event in Belgium. The supercar was released earlier this year and aside from the bikers rage incident in Miami, this is the first recorded major accident involving the car. There isn’t much info on how the accident actually took place but Wrecked Exotics reports that the Volcano Orange 720S was attending Zoute Gran Prix in Knokke-Heist, Belgium and while showing off its performance, the owner drifted the car into the woods. All we can do is hope the…

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Lamborghini-Aventador-Crash Lamborghini Videos 

VIDEO: Taxi crashes into an Aventador Roadster in Mexico

Another day, another Aventador crash. This time a white Aventador Roadster slammed into a taxi in Mexico and it wasn’t the supercar driver who was at fault this time. In the CCTV footage, the Aventador can be seen cruising down the road when a taxi inadvertently makes a turn and rams into the incoming supercar. Both the cars suffered serious damage. The front fenders of the Aventador roadster looks completely damaged as is the case with the side skirts and the intake area. Also visible is the massive dent on…

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lamborghini-aventador-sv-roadster-wrecked-1 Lamborghini News 

Wrecked Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster up for Auction

A Blue Le Mans Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster has been listed at a salvage auction in Atlanta. That’s something you don’t get you hear often. A naturally aspirated V12 producing 740 hp makes the Aventador SV Roadster one of the most aggressive supercars on sale. If you are not paying attention, things can go wrong pretty quickly. This Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster from Atlanta suffered serious damage to its front-end after running into something (probably) immovable. It’s sad to see any supercar in such a condition. But, considering this is…

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Ferrari-F12-TDF-on-Fire-1 Ferrari News 

Ferrari F12 tdf burns to a crisp on German Autobahn

On Thursday morning, a Ferrari F12 tdf traveling on a German Autobahn burned to the ground after. According to the police, two people were in the Ferrari when they suddenly heard a loud bang. There upon they discovered flames rising from the rear of their car. Immediately the driver steered it towards the hard shoulder. Both occupants immediately left the vehicle and alerted the fire department. The fire was so severe that the road had to be blocked for almost four hours. As you can see, nothing aside from the…

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Ferrari 250 GTO crash-Goodwood-Revival Ferrari Videos 

Multi-million dollar Ferrari 250 GTO crashes at Goodwood Revival

A priceless 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO was crashed at the annual Goodwood Revival race. The classic Ferrari race car spun out and tapped the barriers during a race. The gentle tap was enough to damage the bodywork of the multi-million dollar Ferrari. We hope that the damage is just cosmetic. Still, the insurance company will be writing a big cheque as getting it fixed won’t be cheap. The 250 GTO made its motorsport debut in 1962. The 1964 model was the Series II which featured a Pininfarina designed body. Only…

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Crowdfunded-Dodge Viper-Nurburgring-lap-record-crash Dodge News 

Crowdfunded Dodge Viper Crashes chasing Nurburgring lap record

When Dodge announced that the Viper would go out of production in 2017, fans of the iconic sports car decided to give it a proper send off. Viper enthusiasts came together and crowdfunded a Nurburgring lap record attempt since Dodge couldn’t be bothered. Sadly, one of the Vipers has crashed during a record attempt. In July, Dominik Farnbacher set a blistering lap of 7 min 03.45 sec. While it is not the ultimate lap record, that’s the fastest time ever set by a rear-wheel drive car with a manual gearbox. Apparently,…

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McLaren 650S-crash-highway McLaren Videos 

VIDEO: Mclaren 650S crashes out on a highway

Driving a supercar in the rain can be tricky, as this McLaren 650S driver learnt the hard way. The following video was recorded by a dashcam mounted on a truck. The video shows a McLaren 650S Spider pass the truck at speed. The supercar pulls up behind a Skoda which quickly gives way. But, as soon as the driver applies throttle, the McLaren spins out and crashes hard into the barrier. If you happen to be driving a supercar on a wet road, make sure you have the traction control…

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