Koenigsegg Regera crash test Koenigsegg Videos 

Koenigsegg Regera crash test is mildly painful to watch

Watching a million dollar Koenigsegg Regera crash test is quite painful to watch. Crash tests are an integral part of a modern car’s development process. Road safety agencies destroy multiple cars throughout the year all in the name of science. From the smallest hatchbacks to the brawniest of SUVs have to go through rigorous evaluation, but when it comes to supercars like the Koenigsegg Regera, it’s quite expensive to get it certified. Koenigsegg shared this video of a Regera crash test on Instagram recently with caption that read, “Thank you…

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Ford Mustang Euro NCAP crash test Ford News 

Ford Mustang Euro NCAP Crash Test Results are Disappointing

Ford Mustang Euro NCAP crash test results are in and they are rather disappointing. The Mustang received just 2-stars in Euro NCAP crash tests making it one of the worst rated cars in its class. According to the road safety agency, the Mustang fared terribly at frontal offset, full-frontal and side impact tests. In the case of frontal offset crash test, the driver and passenger side airbags “inflated insufficiently”, while in side impact tests the curtain airbag failed to provide enough cushioning. The results for the full-frontal crash test¬†showed the…

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