McLaren F1 maintenance cost McLaren Videos 

Replacing the Tires on a McLaren F1 Costs $50,000!

Supercar ownership can be expensive. Even the regular service bills of a Ferrari or Lamborghini could go in thousands. Maintaining an exotic can easily burn a hole in your pocket but have you ever wondered how much it costs to maintain a $10 million-plus McLaren F1? Bruce Weiner is an entrepreneur based in Atlanta. He has a collection supercars and has in the past owned a 1994 McLaren F1. It had received a full service when he bought the car and even the consumables like the tires were in good condition….

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how-much-does-it-cost-shmee150-to-own-a-supercar Ferrari Videos 

How Much Does it Cost Shmee150 to Own a Supercar?

Youtuber Shmee150 owns a line up of fancy supercars. His garage includes a McLaren 675LT Spider, Porsche Cayman GT4 and a Ferrari FF which he bought second hand. In his latest vlog, Shmee150 explains how much it costs him to own these supercars and the FF in particular. In the following video, Tim explains how he bought the Ferrari FF, the running costs and annual service bills. He also talks about extended warranty offered by McLaren along with insurance and other costs like garage space etc. How much does it…

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Ferrari 360 Spider Ferrari News 

Ferrari 360 maintenance costs can be reasonable

 Yes, I would like to own a Ferrari one day. Perhaps not the latest model just off the showroom floor, but a used one.  A Ferrari 360 Modena is one Ferrari I have my eyes on. The reason being, most of the other classics are rather too expensive while some of them are really not that great, to be honest. Owning a Ferrari is one thing and maintaining it over the years is something that can blow a big hole in your pocket. Jalopnik has recently published an article summarizing…

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