Bugatti Chiron Black Mamba-Dan_am_I Bugatti Videos 

Bugatti Chiron ‘Black Mamba’ delivered in the US

Instagram user @dan_am_i recently took delivery of his Bugatti Chiron ‘Black Mamba’. Dan went for an all-black spec with exposed carbon on the outside, gloss black wheels and matching brake calipers. The interior has been finished in a combination of black and white leather. Apparently, there are lot of extras on Dan’s Chiron including the black painted wheels and of course the dual-tone interior. Youtuber Gordon got a ride in the supercar and so did The Stradman. The vloggers were later treated to V12 music as Dan fired up his…

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Chiron-world-record-tracking-car Bugatti Videos 

VIDEO: How do you film a Bugatti Chiron at 249 MPH?

Bugatti recently added a new world record to its name. The Bugatti Chiron accelerated to 249  mph and then back to zero in just 42 sec – a rare feat. The car maker released a video where the record-setting Chiron was being tracked at speeds exceeding 350 km/h (217 mph). But, to do that you need a vehicle that can keep up with the Chiron. So what vehicle was used as the tracking car? Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple. Bugatti used another Chiron as a track…

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Bugatti Chiron Official Image- 2016 Geneva Motor Show-12 Bugatti News 

Development of the Bugatti Chiron replacement to start in 2019

The Bugatti Chiron has just set off on a record setting spree after being revealed last year but Bugatti is already chalking out plans for its successor. Speaking to Road & Track, Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer shared some details on what the company is planning to do with the Chiron replacement. Durheimer also revealed that the company has already sold 300 out of the 500 Chirons planned for production. Since, Bugatti is on its way to build 70 Chirons per year, which is way more than the Veyron, plans for a replacement…

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Bugatti Chiron-speed-record-1 Bugatti News 

Bugatti Chiron sets Speed Record with Juan Pablo Montoya at the wheel

The Bugatti Chiron has set a new speed record. Well, no surprises there, right? Indycar racer and ex-Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya set a new record with a 1500 hp Chiron. The hypercar was accelerated to 0-400 km/h (249 mph) which is when Montoya dropped the anchors and brought the car to a complete stop. The Chiron took just 42 sec to accelerate to close to its top speed, brake and come to a standstill. In case you’re wondering, it hit the magical number of 400 clicks in 32.6…

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Chiron top speed Bugatti Videos 

VIDEO: Bugatti Chiron accelerates from 0-400 km/h

Bugatti has released two videos featuring the new Chiron. In the first video, we ride on-board a Chiron as it accelerates from 0-300 km/h (186 mph). Bugatti claims the Chiron will hit 300 clicks in 13.1 sec. In the second video, we ride alongside a Chiron that’s quickly gathering speed. It reaches 400 km/h (249 mph) in just 32.6 sec. Now, that’s nowhere near its top speed. The Chiron is claimed to reach 261 mph which about 420 km/h. Pop-in the “speed key” and hypercar will hit 285 mph! Bugatti…

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Bugatti Chiron Hellbee-1 Bugatti Videos 

Bugatti Chiron ‘Hellbee’ Delivered in the US

The first customer Bugatti Chiron has been delivered in the US. The Chiron ‘Hellbee’ arrived at O’gara Coach in La Jolla, San Diego recently. The owner of the Chiron Hellbee also owns Veyron L’Or Rouge “Hellbug”. America’s first Chiron is finished in a dual-tone of Bumblebee yellow on exposed carbon with a matching yellow and black leather interior. The wheels are also painted in the same shade of yellow, rounding off the spec. This being the US-spec Chiron, it comes with the awful looking rear bumper extensions. Bugatti also sends a…

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Panda Bugatti Chiron Bugatti Videos 

VIDEO: Arab Panda Bugatti Chiron Delivered

A Bugatti Chiron spec’ed like a giant panda was delivered to its owner in Saudi Arabia. A video of its being handed over to its owner was uploaded on Instagram and has recently surfaced elsewhere over the internet. The $2.5 million supercar was covered in a gift wrap filled with black and white balloons. The panda Bugatti Chiron is revealed when the covers drop. What are your thoughts on this panda-spec Chiron- Like it or Hate it? Let us know in the comments section below. It’s not clear when the…

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Chris Harris-Chiron Bugatti Videos 

Chris Harris Drives the Bugatti Chiron at 236 MPH

In the last season of Top Gear, Chris Harris drove the new Bugatti Chiron. Now, if you are among those stopped watching Top Gear after Clarkson and gang left, you may not have watched Chris’ Chiron review. This time on Chris Harris Drives, he is back in the Bugatti Chiron. He also happens to have access to a 4.8 km long runway. With the keys to a Bugatti and a deserted runway what else would you expect to happen next. Chris Harris drives a Bugatti Chiron at 236 mph:

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Bleu Royal Bugatti Chiron-2017 Geneva Motor Show-4 Bugatti Videos 

VIDEO: Manny Khoshbin takes a Bugatti Chiron Test Drive

American real estate tycoon Manny Khoshbin has a Bugatti Chiron on order. There’s still some time for his new Bugatti to be delivered so he took one out for a quick test drive. Not everyone is fortunate to get a Bugatti Chiron test drive. A private event was organized in sunny Malibu a couple days back. Select clients were invited to the exclusive event for a quick taster of the new Chiron. Also see: Manny Khoshbin’s Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon Motoring journalists from around the world have already sampled the…

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Red Carbon Bugatti Chiron-Monaco Bugatti Videos 

VIDEO: Red Carbon Bugatti Chiron Spotted in Monaco

Another day, another Chiron spotting in Monaco. It is the second customer Chiron seen around the principality in the last 2 weeks. This red carbon Bugatti Chiron has to be my favorite spec till now. The exposed carbon painted in a burgundy shade looks rather spectacular on a Chiron. Last week, the first Chiron with an exposed carbon body was seen in Monaco. Hit the link to checkout that video. But before you hop over, have a look at this uniquely spec’ed Chiron in red carbon. Red Carbon Bugatti Chiron…

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