Bugatti Chiron Sport-2018 Geneva Motor Show-2 Bugatti Geneva Motor Show News 

2018 Geneva Motor Show: Bugatti Chiron Sport

Bugatti Chiron Sport has the world’s first carbon fiber windscreen wiper. Bugatti has unveiled a more hardcore version of the Chiron at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The Chiron Sport is lighter and more driver-focused than the standard car. To save weight, the Chiron Sport comes equipped with a new exhaust, lightweight wheels and rear window, carbon fiber intercooler cover and a carbon windshield wiper, which is claimed to save around 1.4 kg. As a result, the Chiron Sport is 18 kg (40 lbs) lighter than the base model. On…

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Bugatti Chiron Sport teaser-2 Bugatti News 

Rumour: Bugatti Chiron Sport to be unveiled at 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Update: 2018 Geneva Motor Show: Bugatti Chiron Sport Bugatti Chiron Sport could be unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Bugatti has released a short teaser video of a car that will be showcased at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The 16 second video starts off with a glimpse of what appears to be a new exhaust. Instead of a the angular quad-exhaust tips, the Chiron Sport might get four circular tail pipes. Apart from that, the video doesn’t reveal anything new. The camera then switches to rear fascia and…

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Bugatti Chiron-Shreeron-Mayur Shree-1 Bugatti News 

Mayur Shree takes delivery of his Bugatti Chiron

He is probably the first person of Indian origin to buy a Bugatti Chiron. Mayur Shree is a Dallas-based real estate investor of Indian origin who recently took delivery of his new Bugatti Chiron. It is the first Chiron in Texas. Now, we’ve seen quite a few Chirons in monotone or dual-tone paint schemes. Mayur Shree’s spec is quite unique comprising of a pearl finish blue-ish silver with red accents and carbon fiber. The interior is wrapped in red and cream leather and has unpolished carbon surfaces. Mayur Shree bought…

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Bugatti Chiron-British B Roads Bugatti Videos 

What’s it like to drive a Bugatti Chiron on a British B Road?

Thrashing a 1500 hp Bugatti Chiron on a British B road is our kind of weekend activity. We’ve seen people driving the Bugatti Chiron on highways and on race tracks, but what’s it like to drive a 1500 hp supercar on narrow country lanes? As it turns out, it can be both tricky and exciting. The Chiron will accelerate to illegal speeds within no time and on a bumpy B road, you’re never too far from having a catastrophic collision. Then, there’s the odd bus or lorry you might encounter…

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