McLaren P1-curb crash-Cars and Coffee-Malibu McLaren Videos 

McLaren P1 scrapes the curb while leaving Cars and Coffee in Malibu, CA

McLaren P1 owner’s Cars and Coffee outing doesn’t as he’d hoped for. A McLaren P1 attending Cars and Coffee in Malibu, CA was damaged after the driver scrapped the carbon bodywork on a curb. The following video shows the McLaren P1 pulling out of a parking spot when the driver misjudges the turn and hits the curb. Luckily, there was help on hand. Jay Leno happened to be attending the event and can be seen in background, sort of supervising the guys trying to recover the vehicle. The carbon skirt…

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new-audi-r8-crashes-at-cars-and-coffee-in-italy Audi Videos 

New Audi R8 Crashes at Cars and Coffee in Italy

Think of ‘Cars and Coffee’ and one thing that comes to mind are idiots crashing their Mustangs. This time however, we bring you a video of an Audi R8 from a Cars and Coffee event held in Italy. Now, the new Audi R8 has all-wheel drive and it’s quite difficult to break traction in this mid-engine supercar. Clearly, taking liberties with a 5.2-liter V10 engine is not advisable. Else, you will end up in a ditch like this ill-fated Audi R8. You can clearly hear the tires squealing followed by…

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mustang-gt350-crashes-while-leaving-cars-coffee-in-houston Ford Videos 

Mustang GT350 Crashes While Leaving Cars & Coffee in Houston

Well, here we go again. Another Mustang has crashed while show-boating at a Cars & Coffee event. A blue Mustang GT350 crashed in Houston in front of a large crowd. The odds of witnessing a Mustang crash at a Cars & Coffee event a pretty high and the folks probably saw that coming. A middle-aged man driving a Mustang GT350 decided to make some noise while exiting the event. It didn’t end well. The car spun off and slammed into the curb. Watch the embarrassment on the face of the…

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Ferrari 458 Speciale- Classic Merc crash at Cars and coffee-1 Ferrari News 

Ferrari 458 Speciale, Classic Merc Crash at Cars & Coffee

A Ferrari 458 Speciale parked at Katie’s Cars and Coffee in Virginia was hit by a classic Mercedes on Saturday. It looks like a lady driving the Mercedes 380 SL was trying to parallel park when she backed up into the $300,000 Ferrari. Nobody seems to have got hurt, however despite the light damage on the Ferrari, the owner would be expecting a hefty repair bill for sure. Upon close inspection of the images shared on Jalopnik, it seems like there’s a slight dent on the Speciale’s hood. It will also require a…

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