Custom Lamborghini Urus-carbon bodykit-Artrace Car Design-rendering Lamborghini News 

Custom Lamborghini Urus with a carbon bodykit looks menacing!

Artrace Car Design has come up with a custom Lamborghini Urus rendering featuring full carbon fiber bodywork and a bespoke bodykit. The front bumper features an inverted V-shaped grille with the hexagon pattern that can be found elsewhere on the Urus. The bumper also has integrated V-shaped LED DRLs and canards on either side. The wheel arches have been extended for a more masculine look. On the side, this custom Lamborghini Urus features a carbon side skirt. In the rear, it appears to have fixed spoiler. Besides, the Aventador SV…

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Exposed Carbon Fiber Bugatti Chiron-Monaco Bugatti Videos 

VIDEO: Exposed Carbon Fiber Bugatti Chiron Spotted in Monaco

Yet another Bugatti Chiron was spotted in Monaco recently. I’m sure sightings of this sort will soon be come common in this part of the world. This time, an exposed carbon fiber Bugatti Chiron was parked up outside the Bugatti showroom in Monaco. Initially, we weren’t quite sure about the carbon fiber as it looked more like black paint. However, the carbon weave really pops out when viewed in HD. We also reached out to Youtuber NYCarspotter who confirmed this. Also see: Red Carbon Bugatti Chiron spotted in Monaco It’s not…

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McLaren 650S Can-Am Spider-1 McLaren News 

McLaren Launches MSO Defined Parts for 12C, 650S and 675LT

McLaren has launched MSO Defined aftermarket parts for its Super Series models. Bespoke carbon fiber add-ons are now available for the McLaren MP4-12C, 650S and 675LT range. MSO Defined parts range includes various interior as well as exterior add-ons. Customers can now purchase exterior carbon fiber upgrades for their supercars directly from the factory. Parts for the exterior bodywork now available include carbon fiber louvred front wings, wheel well liners and lightweight carbon fiber rear diffuser which is 0.5 kg lighter than the standard one. Interior upgrades include carbon fiber vent…

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RSC Tuning-Huracan LP680 Aero Kit-6 Lamborghini News Tuner Cars 

RSC Tuning Launches LP680 Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

RSC Tuning has introduced the RSC LP680 carbon fiber aero kit for the Lamborghini Huracan. Built from the highest quality pre-impregnated carbon fiber utilizing a cutting edge autoclave process. This kit is UV resistant and uses the same material and process as Formula 1® and SpaceX. It’s lighter, stronger and offers better performance. The LP680 Kit is designed to be low drag and aerodynamically efficient. In addition to the visual enhancements, the RSC Race Exhaust and Tuning package upgrades the Huracan from 610 to 680 hp. RSC LP680 kit consists of: carbon…

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Bare Carbon Fiber Ferrari Enzo For Sale-6 Ferrari News Supercars for Sale 

Bare Carbon Fiber-bodied Ferrari Enzo For Sale

A Ferrari Enzo just popped up for sale and it is rather special. It’s the world’s first bare carbon fiber-bodied Enzo and it’s currently listed on Exotic Motors Midwest, Missouri. Also see: Ferrari Enzo for sale in the US Built by the Italian firm Carrozzeria Zanasi, this Ferrari Enzo came out of the factory with bright red bodywork. It is now the only full carbon fiber-bodied Enzo in the world. It even has carbon fiber wheels and a contrast red Alcantara interior. The rare supercar is currently at a Ferrari specialist…

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Full Carbon McLaren 675LT Spider-1 McLaren News 

Full Carbon McLaren 675LT Spider Already Sold Out

McLaren showcased a full carbon-fiber bodied P1 at the Geneva Motor Show. Now, McLaren Special Operations (MSO) have got their hands on a 675LT Spider and they’ve created a limited edition ‘LT Carbon Series’. Only 25 units of the full carbon McLaren 675LT Spider are scheduled for production and they’re all sold out. The 675LT Spider is in itself a rare supercar with just 500 units planned. Hence, customers of the ‘LT Carbon Series’ can expect good returns on their investment in the months and years to come. While technically, the gloss-carbon…

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Lamborghini Aventador One-piece carbon fiber wheel News 

Vitesse-AuDessus Launches One-Piece Carbon Fiber Wheels

We have been reporting about the latest launches from Vitesse-AuDessus – a private firm from Maryland specializing in custom carbon fiber bodywork and other components for supercars. Now the company has launched one-piece carbon fiber wheels to match that lightweight exterior. Customers can place orders for OEM-spec replacement wheels in one-piece carbon fiber for their prized supercars. Carbon fiber wheels have only now been produced by select high-end car makers in the world. If I am not wrong, Koenigsegg was the first to fit on-piece carbon wheels on the One:1 hypercar….

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Carbon Fiber LaFerrari by Vitesse-AuDusses News 

Vitesse-AuDessus Offers Carbon Fiber Exterior Conversion kits for Supercars

Carbon fiber was originally developed for the aerospace industry. Now though, it is commonly used in high-end supercars essentially to save weight without compromising safety and rigidity. It is also extremely difficult to manufacture which makes it quite expensive. However, if you are looking for exclusivity this is what you want. Vitesse-AuDessus (or “Superior Speed” in French) is a US-based company that specializes in bespoke carbon fiber parts and they will build a complete carbon fiber kit for your supercar. A rare supercar like a Koenigsegg or Ferrari Enzo uses…

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BMW i8 deliveries begin Audi BMW News Videos 

BMW settles score with Audi over Laser Headlights

Audi is known for being slightly cocky when it comes to competition. They recently announced that the Audi R8 LMX was the first production car to feature laser headlight technology. Let’s be honest, Audi hasn’t got much to brag about, for all they’ve done is glorify their all-wheel drive system with a fancy name- Quattro. More recently, the LED daytime running lights have been the target for the marketing people at Audi. Mercedes-Benz and BMW have a different strategy to deal with advancement in technology. They keep their cards to…

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