The Grand Tour Car Shows News 

The Grand Tour Update: The American Isn’t Returning For Season 2

The Grand Tour Season 2 will debut on Amazon Prime in December. But fans of “The American” will be disappointed as the driver won’t be a part of the new season. Top Gear has “The Stig” and when Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond moved into Amazon Prime for The Grand Tour, they came up with “The American”. Their own version of the racing driver designated to push the test cars to their performance limits on the track was the exact opposite of the Stig. The American’s character was…

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Max Grundy - Discovery Show Car Shows News 

MAX GRUNDY: One-Off Special Show Airs Tonight On Discovery

To our readers in the US, a one-off, one hour, special episode named MAX GRUNDY has been lined up by Discovery, right after your weekly dose of Fast N’ Loud. Our friends at Discovery USA have delivered an exclusive clip from the one-off special show that’ll air tonight. Scheduled to be telecast right after this week’s episode of Richard Rawling’s Fast N’ Loud, MAX GRUNDY will perfectly complement your weekly dose of “car builder” shows. The program will air on November 6, 2017 at 10 PM on Discovery and you…

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