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Bruce Wayne will Drive the Mercedes-AMG Vision GT in Justice League

Mercedes-AMG Vision Gran Turismo, originally released for the Gran Turismo game will now be a part of Bruce Wayne’s garage in the upcoming Justice League movie. When he is not dressed as a Bat, chasing criminals in the Batmobile, the billionaire is usually seen driving a Lamborghini. But now, AMG’s outrageous concept hypercar will ferry Batman on his daily duties. Mercedes-AMG announced the partnership with DC with a new video showcasing various Mercedes models featured in the movie. Alongside the Vision GT, the cars include an E-Class cabriolet driven by Diana…

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Batmobile in Pune, India News 

Batman moves out of Gotham City. Spotted driving Batmobile in India

I recently read an article about America’s elite who have been slowly shifting their bases out of the country. I can’t confirm if the elites are actually moving out the US but one thing is for certain, Batman has a new address. He seems to have given up living in Gotham city and shifted his base to a not-so-sleepy town in India- Pune. Social networks were set abuzz when pictures of the Batmobile driving around Pune city surfaced. The good folks of Pune were treated to the sight of Batman himself…

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