2009-gumpert-apollo-for-sale-3 Gumpert Supercars for Sale 

Gumpert Apollo Nurburgring Record Car For Sale

Every now and then, startup companies attempt to build a supercar business. But, less than a handful are able to make their name. Gumpert is one such company. The German supercar company established by former Audi engineer Roland Gumpert made its way with the Apollo. This supercar was extreme in every sense and provided a fierce competition to the likes of Pagani and Koenigsegg and other established supercar makers. In 2009, the Gumpert Apollo thrashed the Nurburgring lap record for production cars lapping the Green Hell in 7 minutes and…

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apollo-ie-video Videos 

VIDEO: The Apollo IE Sounds As Savage As It Looks

The Apollo IE looks intense and it sounds equally mental. The new Apollo IE, where ‘IE’ stands for Intensa Emozione in Italian or as you might have deciphered, Intense Emotion in English has been aptly named. As Tim Burton of Shmee150 fame discovers, everything from the looks, the interior, the sound and performance claims of the IE are insane. Starting with the sound the naturally aspirated V12 produces, well..’shrieky’ would cover it. Along with its awesome sound, the V12 also produces 800 horsepowers. Aeshetically, we won’t call the IE a…

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Apollo Intensa Emozione-5 News 

Apollo Intensa Emozione supercar revealed

The makers of the Gumpert Apollo have built a new supercar under a new brand – Apollo Automobil. It’s called the Intensa Emozione and it’s no less mental than its predecessor. For starters, the car looks rather bonkers. It is built around a carbon fiber tub that weighs just 105 kg. The massively complicated body panels are also crafted out of carbon and it has the largest, most extreme rear wing of any supercar currently on sale. With so much carbon fiber, the car weighs just 1250 kg (2755 lbs)….

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Gumball 3000- Team10 Gumpert Apollo Gumpert News 

Gumball 3000: Team10 Gumpert Apollo Crashes out (Video)

Gumball 3000 currently underway and as Gumballers start arriving in Manchester there are reports of an unfortunate crash involving a rally participant. Team10’s Gumpert Apollo crashed on day two of the Gumball 3000 rally as the convoy made their way out of Scotland. Marchettino posted this image of the ill-fated Apollo that seems to have skidded off the tarmac and into the trees. Also see:  Video of Team Galag’s Batmobile 2.0 On the first leg of the rally, Gumballers drove out of Dublin and towards the ferry terminal. The weather has…

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