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The Grand Tour-Season-2 Car Shows News 

The Grand Tour Season 2 Starts this October

The Grand Tour Season 2 trailer has just been released. Scroll down to view it. June 7, 2017 If you’ve been following our coverage of The Grand Tour, you will be aware that Richard Hammond got injured while filming for the upcoming series. Now, according to Drive Tribe- the official mouthpiece of sorts has confirmed that The Grand Tour season 2 is in its final edit stage and will be aired this October. James May disclosed this during an interview with The One Show. “October is when you’ll first be…

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The Grand Tour Car Shows News 

‘The Grand Tour’ is Clarkson, Hammond & May’s new TV Show

Richard Hammond was live on Facebook to invite folks to the filming of their new show- ‘The Grand Tour’. The show kicks off in Johannesburg on July 17. Clarkson, as always wants “Peugeot drivers” and “morons” to stay away. Earlier… It’s official folks! Clarkson, Hammond and James May’s new TV show on Amazon Prime will be called ‘The Grand Tour’. Also see: James May’s DHL plug for ‘The Grand Tour’ Following numerous brainstorming sessions, the ex-Top Gear trio have finally come up with a name for their new TV series. ‘The…

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Top Gear crew flee Argentina Car Shows News 

James May Talks About His Upcoming Car Show on Amazon Prime

Clarkson, Hammond and James May’s upcoming car show on Amazon Prime will air this fall. They are yet to announce the name of the show even as filming of season 1 has already begun. James May sat down with The Guardian recently to talk about their latest endeavor. According to him, the first season will consist of at least 11 episodes. Unlike Top Gear, the new car show will not be based at a studio or an air field. Also, segments like the “Cool Wall” and “Star in a reasonably priced…

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Old Top Gear Trio spotted filming for Amazon Prime Car show Car Shows Videos 

Old Top Gear Trio Spotted Filming For Amazon Prime Car Show

Old Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were spotted filming for their new car show which airs on Amazon Prime. The team were seen driving a modified Mercedes-Benz convertible with raised suspension and off-road tires. They were seen cruising down a street of Cobham in the UK with Jeremy Clarkson behind the wheel of the obnoxious Mercedes-Benz. People can be seen filming the odd looking Mercedes barely noticing the star occupants. Jeremy pulls up alongside the person shooting the video and asks in a comic tone…

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