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The ‘F1’ License Plate is for Sale at a whopping $20 Million

The famed ‘F1’ license plate is on sale again. This time around, its current owner, Afzal Kahn who himself bought it for $619,771 has listed the plate on regtransfer.co.uk for no less than £12,009,995 ($16,96,918 at current exchange rates). Add in the required £16.66 transfer service fee, 20 percent VAT of £2,402,002, and £80 DVLA transfer fee, and you’re looking at the equivalent of $20,300,443. For the same amount of money, you can buy 10 Bugatti Veyrons or six and a half LaFerraris or for that matter, an actual McLaren F1. Afzal…

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Afzal Kahn's Bugatti Veyron vandalized Bugatti News 

Bugatti Veyron Vandalized in UK Showroom

A Bugatti Veyron belonging to Afzal Kahn of Kahn Design was vandalized by miscreants. Images of Kahn’s Veyron with a smashed windshield were posted on social media by Lewis Skene. The Veyron was parked inside Afzal Kahn’s own showroom located in the city of Leeds, UK. The front glass facade of the showroom was also smashed by vandals who then entered the showroom and damaged the million dollar supercar parked inside. There was another Veyron inside the showroom when the incident took place, which apparently was spared. Afzal Kahn is…

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