Ferrari 812 Superfast-wind tunnel scale model-auction-1 Ferrari News 

Ferrari 812 Superfast wind-tunnel scale model for sale

Ferrari is auctioning off the 812 Superfast scale model which used for wind-tunnel testing. If you’re a Ferrari collector this certainly deserves to be in your prized collection, although you wouldn’t be able to drive it. It built to 1:2 scale of the real 812 Superfast and was hand-made out of carbon fiber bodywork and other composite materials. It is quite significant since the 812’s aerodynamics were developed using this scale model. Now, Ferrari hasn’t announced the price of the 812 Superfast in the US however it is expected to…

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Ferrari 812 Superfast-Launch Control Ferrari Videos 

VIDEO: Ferrari 812 Superfast Launch Control

The F12 Berlinetta was a bit tricky to drive. With the new 812 Superfast, Ferrari wanted to make the 800 hp more accessible and manageable. To achieve this, one key area they focused on was traction. The traction control system on the 812 Superfast has to deal with 790 hp and with 530 lb-ft of torque going through the drivetrain, the rear tires have their work cut out. But somehow, Ferrari engineers have been calibrate the traction control system such that it accelerates from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 sec….

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Ferrari 812XX Rendering-Emilano-2 Ferrari News 

This Ferrari 812XX Could Replace the 599XX Evo in the Future

As part of the XX program Ferrari’s most valued customers get a chance to own and drive the most advanced race cars which are generally based on a production car from that period. Ferrari 599XX Evo was introduced back in 2011. It was basically a heavily modified 599 GTB with improved aero, suspension and a racing engine. Not too long ago, Ferrari introduced the LaFerrari FXX K- the latest in the line of XX cars built specifically for the race track. It is seen as a successor to the FXX which…

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Murdered out Ferrari 812 Superfast Ferrari News 

We Configure a Murdered Out Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari launched the replacement for the F12 Berlinetta at the Geneva Motor Show. So, we thought we’d play around with the 812 Superfast configurator. This is what we’ve come up with. A murdered out 812 Superfast with red interior and optioned out to the max. We’ve gone with a Nero exterior color with matching black painted racing alloy wheels. If you look closer, the wheel centers are carbon. We’ve kitted out our dream 812 Superfast with all the optional carbon fiber bits that we could find. The front bumper inserts…

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Ferrari 812 Superfast spotted in Monaco Ferrari Videos 

VIDEO: Ferrari 812 Superfast Lands in Monaco Following Geneva Debut

Following its launch at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari 812 Superfast landed in Monaco. Looks like one of the show cars was transported all the way from Switzerland to Ferrari’s Monaco dealership. Car spotters captured the moment when the 812 Superfast was being unloaded off the truck. The car was then put on display in the showroom. Monaco is a big market for not just Ferrari but also other famous supercar brands. The glamorous city is known for its extremely high per capita income and has the highest concentration of…

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Yellow 812 Superfast-Ferrari factory-Leaked image-6 Ferrari News 

Checkout this Yellow 812 Superfast. How will you Spec your Ferrari?

New images of the 812 Superfast have surfaced on the internet. A yellow 812 Superfast parked next to the production line at the Maranello factory looks brilliant in my opinion. How will you spec your 812 Superfast? Would it be in Giallo Modena? Let us know in the comments below. I know, that’s not a particularly exciting name if you’re hearing it for the first time. Sadly, that’s your new Ferrari. The Ferrari 812 Superfast will be the star of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. While, the name might not…

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Ferrari 812 Superfast-2017 Geneva Motor Show-1 Auto Shows Ferrari Geneva Motor Show News 

2017 Geneva Motor Show: Ferrari 812 Superfast

No, the new V12 Ferrari isn’t called the F12 M. The most powerful production model in Maranello’s line up is the new Ferrari 812 Superfast. Stick around, for I bet you want to know more about the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Ferrari has just revealed the F12 Berlinetta replacement in the form of the 812 Superfast. The car will make its official debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. Like I said before, it is the most powerful production GT car to ever roll out of Maranello. At its heart is…

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