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McLaren 720S-2017 Geneva Motor Show-1 McLaren News 

McLaren 720S Order books full. Sold out into 2018

The McLaren 720S is sold out already. According to Autocar, McLaren has received 1500 orders for the new 720S supercar. The company now has enough orders for the production line to be occupied into 2018. As per the report, some customers have placed orders for two cars- one in a factory spec and the other through MSO which would take more time to be delivered. It seems like the McLaren 720S is already success. The second-generation Super Series model was first showcased at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. It is…

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McLaren 720S Hot Start Mode-Easter Egg-Loud Exhaust McLaren Videos 

McLaren 720S Hot Start Mode is an Easter Egg Hiding in Plain Sight

The McLaren 720S hot start mode is one of two ways you can start it. The normal mode is pretty straight forward- left foot on the brake, hit the start button and you’re off. The 720S hot start mode is a bit more complicated than that, as a McLaren test driver explains in Jalopnik’s video. So, first you turn on the ignition by pressing the start-stop button. Then, press the ‘Active’ button from the drive select panel. Set the powertrain to ‘Track’ mode using the rotary switch. Now, hit the start button…

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Argon McLaren 720S-Monaco McLaren Videos 

VIDEO: First McLaren 720S Spotted in Monaco

The first McLaren 720S has been spotted in Monaco. This was not a customer, although it won’t be long until we see one driving around town. A stunning 720S in Argon (a metallic bronze shade) dropped by McLaren Monaco for a special event. Sadly, the car was there just for a day and was shipped back following a launch presentation. That said, it did cause a stir as twin-turbo V8 was fired up to back it up into the showroom. This being Monaco, a crowd of supercar spotters was present…

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First McLaren 720S Spotted in the US-1 McLaren News 

McLaren 720S Spotted in the US Just Days After its Geneva Debut

The first McLaren 720S has landed in the US. Just days following its launch at the Geneva Motor Show, a 720S was spotted in Virginia. Pictures of the first US-spec McLaren 720S surfaced on 6speedonline forums a couple of days back. What’s different on this prototype is that is has a contrast bonnet painted in black. Also, judging by the carbon fiber on the door mirrors and dark accents all around with more carbon on the engine cover, this looks like the ‘Performance’ variant. The McLaren 720S will make its official…

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McLaren 720S Configurator McLaren News 

Design your Dream Supercar with McLaren 720S Configurator

A couple of days ago, McLaren launched the new 720S at the Geneva Motor Show. A 720S configurator has already gone live on the McLaren website. So, let’s get cracking and design the supercar of our dreams. We tried our hand at the latest 720S configurator and came up with this. A point worth noting is that the 720S is offered in three variants- Base, Luxury and Performance. We’ve gone with the “luxury” version which adds some chrome along the roof line and painted surfaces instead of carbon fiber. The…

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McLaren 720S-2017 Geneva Motor Show-1 Geneva Motor Show McLaren News 

2017 Geneva Motor Show: McLaren 720S

The McLaren 720S has been unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The much awaited and much talked about supercar from McLaren is the second-generation of the Super Series which replaces the 650S. Chassis The McLaren 720S, like its predecessors is built around a carbon fiber monocoque. The lightweight Monocage II structure is key to the 1283kg dry weight of the 720S. That’s right. The new Super Series model is 18 kg lighter than the 650S it replaces. New 720S is the best-ever Super Series model in terms of aerodynamic…

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McLaren 720S image leak-2017 Geneva Motor Show McLaren News 

McLaren 720S Image Leaks Ahead of Geneva Debut

Update: McLaren 720S launched at the Geneva Motor Show- Price, Specs, Performance details The McLaren 720S will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next week. But, someone just managed to sneak out an image from the official set before we supposed to see it. The leaked McLaren 720S image seems to have been shot in a studio and is clearly from a press kit. Apparently, it was Bloomberg who leaked the image. Still, the angle of the shot doesn’t reveal the front end of the 720S nor is the…

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McLaren 720S- Folding Driver Display-teaser-2017 Geneva Motor Show-2 McLaren News 

Super Series Update: McLaren 720S Gets a Folding Driver Display

Update: McLaren 720S launched at the Geneva Motor Show- Price, Specs, Performance details McLaren has teased their new Super Series model yet again. This time, the image shows the Folding Driver Display on the McLaren 720S. The 650S replacement will be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show soon. The second generation of the Super Series will have a unique digital instrument cluster that can fold away. While it may sound exciting, it has been given a rather undramatic name. McLaren simply call it ‘Folding Driver Display’. So, in ‘Full…

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McLaren 720S-Braking Performance-teaser image McLaren News 

Super Series Update: McLaren 720S Braking Performance

Update: McLaren 720S launched at the Geneva Motor Show- Price, Specs, Performance details In the latest press release sent out by McLaren Automotive, the British supercar maker talks about the braking performance of the 2nd-Gen Super Series model. McLaren has already revealed how quick the 650S successor is in a previous press release. This time, the focus is on braking performance. We already know, that the McLaren 720S can accelerate from 0-124 mph in 7.8 sec. Well, braking is equally impressive. It decelerates from 124 mph to a standstill in…

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2nd-Gen Mclaren Super Series-Drifting-720S-P14-Geneva Motor Show McLaren Videos 

VIDEO: Drifting the 2nd-Gen McLaren Super Series

The 2nd generation of the McLaren Super Series will be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of Chris Goodwin drifting the McLaren 720S (P14) around a race track. The 650S replacement features numerous upgrades including a brand new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. The motor is expected to develop 720 hp putting it well ahead of its competition. This video however is about handling and balance. McLaren’s chief test driver talks us through the latest Proactive Chassis Control II. The carbon tub that underpins the supercar…

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