McLaren-650S-rental-car-crash-seattle McLaren News 

McLaren 650S rental car crashed in Seattle

This guy managed to crash a McLaren 650S rental car during a short 4 hour session. An image of a crash McLaren 650S rental car has surfaced online. According to reports, the supercar was wrecked early Thursday morning in Seattle, WA by a client who had rented it out for 4 hours. Trooper Rick Johnson of the Washington State Patrol has reported that the accident took place at around 1.30 a.m. on Interstate 5 in downtown Seattle. It had just rained in the area and the roads were greasy. The…

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McLaren Senna-Goodwood 76MM McLaren Videos 

McLaren Senna makes Goodwood debut during members meeting

McLaren Senna drove down the Goodwood circuit along with its stable mates during the 76th Goodwood Members Meeting. McLaren brought its complete range of supercars at the annual Goodwood Members Meeting. A convoy of supercars lead by the McLaren P1 took the circuit but the highlight of the day was the McLaren Senna as it made its first public appearance at the historic venue. In addition to the Ultimate Series models, McLaren also showcased its Sports Series and Super Series range, including the 720S, 675LT as well as the old…

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McLaren 650S-crash-highway McLaren Videos 

VIDEO: Mclaren 650S crashes out on a highway

Driving a supercar in the rain can be tricky, as this McLaren 650S driver learnt the hard way. The following video was recorded by a dashcam mounted on a truck. The video shows a McLaren 650S Spider pass the truck at speed. The supercar pulls up behind a Skoda which quickly gives way. But, as soon as the driver applies throttle, the McLaren spins out and crashes hard into the barrier. If you happen to be driving a supercar on a wet road, make sure you have the traction control…

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Purple McLaren 650S Spider Crash-China-1 McLaren News 

Purple McLaren 650S Spider Crashed in China

An accident involving a supercar and a tanker took place in China earlier this month. A purple McLaren 650S Spider crashed in to a lorry near Shaoxing, in the Zhejiang Province. The driver of the McLaren escaped unhurt however upon close inspection it seems like the air bags didn’t deploy. The car sustained heavy damage to the front left side as it was pinned under the lorry. According to CarNewsChina, the driver was involved in a drag race with another vehicle before crashing into the truck. While, the car doesn’t seem…

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