McLaren MSO X-570S GT4-4 McLaren News 

McLaren MSO X – 570S GT4 inspired street cars revealed

McLaren MSO X is basically a street legal 570S GT4 race car and it’s already sold out. McLaren has revealed limited edition, street legal versions of the 570S GT4 racer. It is called the McLaren MSO X and only 10 of these exist. Each car gets a unique livery inspired by McLaren race cars from the past and present. Besides, it also feature extensive exterior modifications. The MSO X has a GT4-spec front bonnet with twin vents. The front bumper has canards on either side and there’s even a tow…

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McLaren 570S GT4 Race Car-1 McLaren News 

McLaren 570S GT4, 570S Sprint Revealed

Today, the British supercar maker launched the McLaren 570S GT4 race car and 570S Sprint adding two new models to the Sport Series line up. Both cars were developed by McLaren Automotive along with their motorsport division. The McLaren 570S GT4 is a track car built to GT4 specifications. The changes made to the 570S are more evident from outside. The large fixed rear wing and extended front splitter, diffuser and additional cannards help create downforce. Other bits that help differentiate the 570S GT4 from the road car include ducts…

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