Ferrari limousine-360 Modena-Los Angeles Ferrari Videos 

VIDEO: Rental Ferrari Limousine Spotted in Los Angeles

You can now get a tour of Los Angeles in a Ferrari limousine. A yellow Ferrari limousine was posted by effspot on Hollywood blvd. in Los Angeles. It is apparently 1 of 3 limousines based on a Ferrari 360, with one in London and the other in Dubai. Who would ever want to slice open a Ferrari 360 to convert it into a limousine and then offer $59 rides to tourists, I’m not sure. It does have 8 seats, so that’s a bonus. That said, the engine is still at…

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Ferrari 360 Pro-Drift Supercar Ferrari Motorsports Videos 

On-Board a Ferrari 360 Pro-Drift Supercar: Video

If you are a Ferrari aficionado you probably know how awesome a Ferrari 360 is. It is also believed to be among the more affordable Ferrari supercars in the used car market today. In fact, if you follow one Doug deMuro from Jalopnik, then who am I to¬†question your knowledge about Ferrari 360 ownership. While there are countless videos over the internet of some chap talking about his F360, this one particular caught my attention. It is a Ferrari 360 modified for pro-drifiting in Japan. We’ve previously seen supercars on…

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Doug de Muro with his Ferrari 360 Ferrari Videos 

Jalopnik writer takes his Ferrari drag racing

Meet the car enthusiast who is living his dream. Jalopnik writer Doug de Muro recently bought a Ferrari 360 Modena. Since the very first day, Doug has been sharing his experiences with the Ferrari on his Youtube- click on the following link to watch all of Doug’s escapades in the Ferrari 360. Doug de Muro on Youtube Ferrari ownership can be pretty expensive and Doug knows this better than anyone else. Earlier, he had touched upon some of the drawbacks of owning a used Italian supercar. He also took us…

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