Pagani Huayra Lampo-1 News Pagani 

One-off Pagani Huayra Lampo is inspired by the Fiat Turbina

Pagani and Garage Italia Customs have created this – a one-off Huayra Lampo inspired by the 1954 Fiat Turbina concept. Lapo Elkann is the creative director at Garage Italian Customs, who along with Horacio Pagani came up with this unique livery. This one-off Huayra has the orange and white livery of the Fiat Turbina concept featuring the Italian tricolore on the rear haunches – much like the classic concept car. It uses a carbon fiber fabric instead of paint, which apparently looks more vivid than standard paint. The car also…

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pagani-rinascimento-restoration Pagani Videos 

Watch as a Pagani Zonda is restored to its original gleam

Pagani Rinascimento will restore your aging Pagani Zonda to a factory fresh look. This video shows the intricate process of restoration. There are only a few things as exquisitely manufactured as the Pagani Zonda. The whole process, where skilled Italian craftsmen put in parts by hand under Horacio Pagani’s watchful eye is a work of art in itself. Pagani recently started its new restoration program for the Zonda called ‘Pagani Rinascimento’ where the company will restore old Zondas to their original condition, down to individual bolts if the owners wish…

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Zonda-Riviera- News Pagani Supercars for Sale 

The one-off Pagani Zonda Riviera is For Sale

One-off Pagani Zonda Riviera is for sale at Seven Car Lounge, Saudi Arabia. We recently reported about a new One-off Pagani Zonda called the ‘Riviera’ delivered to Saudi Arabia based supercar dealership ‘Seven Car Lounge’. It was assumed that the dealership commissioned the car for a client and that it would be in the hands of its new owner soon. As it turns out, Seven Car Lounge has put the freshly commissioned car on sale. This suggests that the dealership itself ordered the car from Pagani to put it on…

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Pagani-Zonda-Riviera-2 News Pagani 

One-off Pagani Zonda Riviera delivered to Saudi Arabia

The Pagani Zonda Riviera has arrived at Seven Car Lounge in Saudi Arabia. The Pagani Zonda Riviera first broke cover back in July 2017. It’s a one-off supercar which started life as a Zonda F which recently underwent a complete transformation. The Zonda Riviera features a similar paint scheme as the Koenigsegg Agera RS1 and the exterior is somewhat based on the Zonda Cinque. It is finished in pearl white with bare carbon fiber surfaces and blue accents. The front features twin carbon canards on either side and a carbon…

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Pagani Zonda Roadster-1 News Pagani 

One-off Pagani Zonda Roadster to be revealed in 2018

Someone has commissioned yet another one-off Pagani Zonda. This particular rendering of the Zonda Roadster was created by Instagram user: @topcar_design for a client. The spec had been kept secret for all this while and it’s only now that it has been made public. This Zonda Roadster is expected to be delivered by spring 2018. Now, if you think you’ve seen this spec before, you’d be right. The blue carbon fiber with the tricolore stripes, gold accents and gold wheels look similar to Salomondrin’s Huayra 730S, which is now owned…

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Pagani Zonda PS-crash-UK-1 News Pagani 

One-off Pagani Zonda PS Crashed in the UK

The Pagani Zonda PS – a one-off supercar has involved in an accident in the UK. The images of the crash were posted on Instagram. The images suggest that the supercar suffered cosmetic damage, although details about the crash are scarce. We’re not sure whether some other car was also involved in the accident. That said, it seems like the front-left hand side of the vehicle could have struck something, which caused the nose to rip off from the rest of the bodywork. A slight brush with the barrier could…

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Pagani-Zonda-HP-Barchetta-Pebble Beach-2017-4 News Pagani 

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Revealed at Pebble Beach

Pagani surprised everyone with a new, highly exclusive version of the Zonda. That’s right. The Pagani Zonda, which was launched back in 1999 and is still a favorite among supercar connoisseur. The new model is called the Zonda HP Barchetta and only 3 cars will ever exist and we suspect that all have already been spoken for. The rumored price tag- $15 million! Apparently, this special Zonda was built to mark Horacio Pagani’s 60th birthday last year and the one seen here is reportedly Horacio’s personal car. The Zonda HP…

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US-Spec-Pagani Huayra Roadster-Car Week Pagani Videos 

First US-Spec Pagani Huayra Roadster Unveiled

The first US-spec Pagani Huayra Roadster has landed in the US. The supercar was spotted in California accompanied by none other than, Mr. Horacio Pagani. The US-spec Huayra Roadster was unveiled during the launch of a new Pagani showroom in Orange County. Like the one which was showcased at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, this one too has blue exposed carbon bodywork. Unlike the Geneva show car, this Roadster has white accents on the tail lights, mirrors, along the top of the side vents and front splitter and it rides…

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Pagani Huayra BC-Prestige Imports-1 News Pagani 

Stunning Pagani Huayra BC Delivered by Prestige Imports

Prestige Imports recently delivered a unique Pagani Huayra BC. It is finished in exposed carbon and has unique yellow highlights accentuating the car’s stunning lines. This has to be one of my favorite Huayra BCs. This unique Huayra BC has been commissioned by Instagram user: @gonzal092 who hasn’t been quite active on social media but other well known Huayra BC owner have posted images congratulating him. Pagani debuted the Huayra BC at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. It is powered by a 6.0-liter, twin-turbo V12 built by AMG. The engine puts…

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Pagani Zonda Riviera-1 News Pagani 

One-off Pagani Zonda Riviera Revealed

A one-of-one Pagani Zonda Riviera was revealed today. That’s right, it’s yet another Zonda. It began life as a Zonda F but recently, the owner decided to spend some cash and get his Italian exotic upgraded. This has been the trend with Zonda owners in recent times. The Zonda Riviera is quite rightly a one-off finished in a crisp white paint job with light blue highlights and acres of bare carbon fiber. Apparently, the white and blue color scheme is reminiscent of the horizon colors of the French Riviera and hence…

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