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Demolition drag racing Motorsports Videos 

VIDEO: Demolition Drag Racing is a thing in America

Everyone knows about drag racing. It’s a head-to-head race over a quarter mile. But apparently, demolition drag racing is also thing in America. Although not as loud and fast as an NHRA top fuel drag racer, these events do produce a fair bit of action and excitement. The rules of this sport are simple- you turn up to the drag strip in your banger and race to the quarter mile against another scrap car. However, you have to make contact at least once. The first one to cross the line…

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motogp-champ-jorge-lorenzo-tests-hamiltons-mercedes-amg-f1-car-1 Mercedes-Benz Motorsports Videos 

MotoGP Champ Jorge Lorenzo Tests Hamilton’s Mercedes-AMG F1 Car

MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo got a rare opportunity to get behind the wheel of a championship winning Formula 1 car. Lorenzo drove Lewis Hamilton’s 2014 Mercedes-AMG F1 W05 Hybrid racer at Silverstone recently. The Spaniard is used to racing on two wheels and it took some warming up before getting into a Formula 1 car. Prior to heading out in the multi-million dollar F1 car, Lorenzo spent some time in simulator. He also got his hands on Formula 2 car from 2012 just to get the feel of an open-wheel…

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nico-rosberg-retires-from-formula-1 Motorsports News 

2016 F1 Champ Nico Rosberg Retires from Formula 1

2016 Formula 1 world champion has shocked world by announcing his retirement from the sport. Nico Rosberg was crowned champion following the Abu Dhabi grand prix last weekend. The 31 year old German driver’s illustrious career included 206 entries, out of which Rosberg has won 23 races and has finished on the podium 57 times. A career spanning 10 years, Nico Rosberg leaves the sport on a high note. After announcing his retirement, Rosberg said, “For me it is a very special day to receive the trophy this evening is…

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daniel-ricciardo-nails-texan-accent-2016-f1-usa-gp Motorsports Videos 

VIDEO: RedBull’s Daniel Ricciardo Nails Texan Accent

It’s the American GP weekend as the Formula 1 circus arrives at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. So far, Nico Rosberg has been able to fend off Lewis Hamilton’s attacks for the championship. Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo of RedBull Racing is comfortably sitting behind Lewis in third place. Watch the video of Ricciardo answering to a journalists questions in a perfect Texan accent. RedBull’s Daniel Ricciardo nails Texan Accent:

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mercedes-benz-slk340-hillclimb-monster Mercedes-Benz Motorsports Videos 

VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz SLK340 Hillclimb Monster

This Mercedes-Benz SLK340 is not your average hair-dresser’s car. It’s a purpose-built hill climb racer complete with a full roll cage and V8 engine up-front. From the outside, it looks like mostly like a normal SLK if you strip away the enormous rear wing and the low-slung bodywork. However, the stock engine has been replaced with a LMP2-spec 3.4-liter Judd V8 engine that puts out 610 hp and yet it weighs just 780 kg. Checkout the video below as the SLK340 makes its way up a twisty hill climb. Also…

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Sebastian Vettel test 2017 Pirelli F1 tires-2 Ferrari Motorsports News 

Sebastian Vettel Tests 2017 Pirelli F1 Tires at Fiorano

Sebastian Vettel was back at Fiorano testing the 2017 Pirelli F1 tire. Seb clocked 120 laps around Ferrari’s test track sampling all the rubber compounds and treads available for next season. The FIA has introduced a host of regulation changes for next year. These also include 25 percent wider tires at both ends. A larger contact patch means the 2017 cars will have more grip in the corners. We could hence expect high cornering speeds and some intense racing action. Following Vettel’s run in the modified Ferrari SF-15T, Esteban Gutierrez will…

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Ryan Tuerck teases Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86 Motorsports Tuner Cars Videos 

[Update] Ryan Tuerck Teases Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86

Scroll down for the latest update video  Pro drifter Ryan Tuerck is building a what he calls a JDM supercar. It is a Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86 which should be quite a handful. Donut Media has released a teaser video of the insane build which involves plonking a 4.5-liter V8 from a Ferrari 458 into a Toyota GT86. We can’t wait to find out more. The short teaser reveals a completely stripped down GT86 monocoque. Soon, it will receive a 562 hp Ferrari V8, completely transforming the JDM machine. The Ferrari…

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Apple racing to buy out Formula 1 Motorsports News 

Apple In the Race to Buy Out Formula 1?

Formula 1 has been going through some rough times. The recent changes in regulations including budget restrictions haven’t gone well with the top teams. Even Bernie Ecclestone isn’t pleased with current state of the sport. Back in the month of March, The Sun published a story revealing Bernie’s plans to sell the 35 percent stake owned by CVC Capitol Partners. Now, according to recent rumors technology giant Apple Inc. is bidding to buy out Formula 1- writes senior F1 blogger Joe Saward. “I think CVC will make a decision on the…

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Car Throttle grills Kimi Raikkonen Celebrities Motorsports Videos 

VIDEO: Car Throttle Grills Kimi Raikkonen

If you are looking forward to the Austrian GP tomorrow, you might want to checkout this video featuring Kimi Raikkonen. Car Throttle sat down with Kimi Raikkonen for quick Q & A and let me tell you, it’s hilarious. Apart from being a F1 world champion, Kimi has the least expressive face in the history of the sport. If you are wondering what Kimi drives when he is not racing, watch the video to find out. Also, have you wondered what was his first car? Car Throttle grills Kimi Raikkonen:

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NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Drift Motorsports Videos 

VIDEO: NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Drift

There’s no doubt NHRA’s Top Fuel Dragsters are the fastest accelerating race cars in the world. Powered by nitromethane fuel, these dragsters will do 0-60 mph in 0.2 sec and can reach a top speed of over 300 mph in a quarter mile. It requires immense skill and concentration to keep the 7000 hp machines pointed in a straight line. But, once in a while things to go wrong and thanks to modern camera equipment we can relish some of the moments in slow motion. This footage of a NHRA…

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