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Supercar Sales 2017: Ferrari, Lamborghini & McLaren register growth

Supercar sales numbers for 2017 are in – Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren register growth. As the desire for high performance cars among wealthy individuals soars, supercar makers have registered a huge rise in sales. The three major supercar makers – Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren have announced their figures for 2017 and the sales seem higher than ever. While McLaren sold 54 more cars in 2017 than in the previous year, Lamborghini and Ferrari saw more than 10% increase in sales compared to 2016. Lamborghini 2017 was another record breaking year…

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McLaren Senna-donuts McLaren Videos 

McLaren Senna does donuts at technical centre inauguration

McLaren Senna makes it second official public appearance with some donut action. McLaren has inaugurated its new carbon composites technology centre in Yorkshire, UK. From 2019, McLaren will build carbon fiber tubs for its supercars at this facility. The McLaren Composites Technology Centre (MCTC) has been built with an investment of £50 million and will employ around 200 people. The star attraction of the inauguration though was the McLaren Senna and Ayrton Senna’s McLaren MP4/5 Formula 1 race car from 1989. The brand’s latest limited edition supercar provided some entertainment…

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McLaren 720LT test mule-prototype-XP531 McLaren Videos 

Is this a prototype of the upcoming McLaren 720LT?

McLaren has already confirmed that a more hardcore 720S is on its way. Could this be an early prototype of the McLaren 720LT? The McLaren 720S made its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. It was later revealed that the McLaren boss would soon sign-off a “Long Tail” version of the 720S. Like the 675LT, the McLaren 720LT is likely to feature a more powerful engine and an updated aerodynamics package. The prototype vehicle – XP531, which was spotted in London looks more like a stock 720S. It’s difficult…

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LARK-McLaren P1 GTR-For Sale-2 McLaren Supercars for Sale 

Street-legal LARK McLaren P1 GTR for sale

Unique McLaren P1 GTR is historic LARK livery up for sale and it’s road legal! The owner of the LARK liveried McLaren P1 GTR is selling his exclusive supercar. British dealer Tom Hartley Jnr has listed this unique P1 GTR for sale for an undisclosed amount. The car belongs to a collector who also owns a McLaren F1 GTR in a similar livery. It’s quite surprisingly that someone with an identical looking pair of highly sought after exotics would want to sell it. McLaren built just 58 examples of the…

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Black McLaren Senna spotted-2 McLaren News 

Black McLaren Senna spotted on the road for the first time

Social media abuzz with the first McLaren Senna sighting. The McLaren Senna was unveiled on December 10, 2017. This was the first time the supercar was seen in final production form. Almost a month later, social media is abuzz once again following the sighting of the first McLaren Senna on public roads. Now, I am not fan of the McLaren Senna’s styling but it does look promising in black. That said, the rear end looks rather odd and the spoiler looks out of place. McLaren would argue that the science…

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Satin Carbon McLaren P1-Manny Khoshbin-2 McLaren News 

World’s first Satin Carbon McLaren P1 by MSO

The owner of the world’s first satin carbon McLaren P1 by MSO takes delivery of his one-off supercar. Manny Khoshbin’s McLaren P1 has been in the UK for most of 2017. The supercar was shipped back to give it thorough makeover MSO-style. Well, it’s now back in the US and was recently handed over to Manny by McLaren of Newport Beach. When the McLaren P1 ‘MK Edition’ first left the factory, it was spec’ed in white exterior and had a white and black interior. It was later converted to exposed…

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McLaren-Senna-2018-Geneva-Motor-Show-7 McLaren News 

McLaren Senna is the new track-focused Ultimate Series model

McLaren Senna is an 800 hp track weapon with a million dollar price tag. The McLaren Senna (codenamed: P15) was revealed recently in London. It is the second model in McLaren’s Ultimate Series. However, unlike the P1 hypercar, the McLaren Senna is a track-focused supercar for the road. The McLaren Senna uses a revised carbon fiber chassis – Monocage III and its design looks more like an evolution of the 2nd-gen Super Series model, the 720S. The overall design package is a lot more aggressive but in my opinion the…

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McLaren P15-Nurburgring-spy shots McLaren News 

SPY SHOTS: McLaren P15 spotted at the Nurburgring

McLaren will reveal their latest track-focused supercar (codenamed P15) on December 10. Update: McLaren Senna (codenamed: P15) unveiled The McLaren P15 will be the second model in the Ultimate Series after the P1 hypercar. It is said to be the most extreme, track-focused supercar. A prototype was recently spotted at the Nurburgring which indicates that the P15 will feature an extensive aero kit comprising of a large rear wing and an aggressive front end with a low splitter and canards. Moreover, the P15 will also be the lightest McLaren till…

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McLaren P15-rear view-teaser-image McLaren News 

Things we know about the Mclaren P15

The Mclaren P15 will soon join the Ultimate Series in McLaren’s range as the brand’s most extreme road car yet. Update: McLaren Senna (codenamed: P15) unveiled There isn’t much information about the new model but we expect to learn more on December 10 when the car gets revealed online. But, from what we have gathered from McLaren’s press release and other sources, here a few things you could expect. The McLaren P15 will be the brand’s most track focused model ever. As McLaren states in the release “The new car…

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mclaren-720s-gt3-concept-sketch McLaren News 

McLaren 720S GT3 will race in a one-make series in 2019

Will this McLaren 720S GT3 race at the Le Mans 24 Hours in the near future? McLaren may not be having the best Formula 1 seasons, but that hasn’t stopped them from developing new supercars both for the road and track. After the BP23 Hyper GT, the British car maker announced a more track focused supercar (codenamed P15) which is slated to be the brand’s most extreme model yet. McLaren has now announced a track only 720S GT3 with plans for a one-make GT racing series and a driver development…

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