Honeywell Move Pure Car purifier-2 In-car Accessories 

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

With growing number of vehicles on the road, air pollution is omnipresent. Premium car makers like Tesla have found a way to prevent polluted air from getting inside the vehicle, mainstream cars are yet to employ particulate filtering systems like the one on the Tesla Model X. The system uses a HEPA filter which Tesla boldly terms as, “Bioweapon defense mode”. But, what about the rest of us who don’t own expensive luxury cars? Well, Honeywell’s Move Pure car air purifier is the perfect in-car accessory designed for the average Indian…

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'App Your Car' Bluetooth smartphone system In-car Accessories News 

‘App Your Car’ integrates your car and smartphone seamlessly

Mobile phones have become an integral part of everyday life. Perhaps, what is most dangerous is the fact that people engrossed in their day to day life tend to use mobile phones even while driving. One of the major causes of road accidents are due to driver’s multi-tasking while at the wheel. Now, modern car do come with Bluetooth integration for your mobile phone. However, this feature is only available on high-end models and newer cars. So, what if you own a car that hasn’t got a system that connects…

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Clarion AX1 Android Based Car Stereo system In-car Accessories News 

CLARION AX1 – Android Based Connected Car Stereo

Among the most reputed in-car audio, navigation and communication system manufacturer from Japan, Clarion has launched their latest Android based connected car stereo in India. The Clarion AX1 is an advanced multimedia, infotainment device developed and manufactured in Malaysia. It can now be purchased in India through Supreme Audiotronics Pvt. Ltd. Clarion AX1 is priced at INR 55,990. Clarion AX1 comes from the latest generation of in-car infotainment systems. The device can be operated via the very user-friendly and intuitive Android operating system by Google. It is the most widely used operating…

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Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari In-car Accessories Videos 

This Ferrari 458 Italia has $171,328 worth of options fitted

Not everyone can afford a Ferrari. A 2014 model year 458 Italia costs $233,500, which is a life’s worth of fortune for many. For all that cash, you get a 570 horsepower V8 engine mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. This car makes racing between the lights a walk in the park and it will do 60 mph quicker than the sportiest of family cars. So one might think, it is worth shelling out over $200,000 for this Italian supercar. Well, that’s not it. Once you walk into a Ferrari…

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TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger in the car In-car Accessories News 

TomTom High-Speed Multi Charger

TomTom’s High-Speed Multi-Charger is a device that can come handy when gadgets like iPad, mobile phones, laptops, etc run out of juice. TomTom has recently launched its High-Speed Multi Car Charger priced at  Rs. 1690. The charger can charge up to three devices in the car at once – and up to four times faster than other chargers. While charging multiple devices at the same time, it does not impact the capabilities of other ports. The 1.2 amp USB charging port is for the mobile phones or MP3 players, the…

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TomTom-In-Car Phone Mounts In-car Accessories News 

TomTom In-Car Phone Mounts

TomTom India’s recently launched exciting range of In-Car Phone Mounts for Smartphones and iPhones to ensure safe and convenient phone usage in a car environment. The Mounts comes with an adhesive disk, which means one can mount the device on the dashboard as well as the windscreen, without obstructing their comfortable line of vision. It can be adjusted to clamp the phone from top to bottom or side to side to avoid blocking the micro-USB port and pressing any buttons. Landscape and portrait orientation of the phone gives an option…

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TomTom Start Series (in car) In-car Accessories News 

TomTom ‘Start Series’ Portable Navigation Device

TomTom has introduced smart Portable Navigation Device (PND) series in India which includes two models-  Start 20 and Start 25. The devices are lightweight and has compact 4.3” for Start 20 and 5” for Start 25 touch screen. The mount is semi-fixed and foldable. The dual mounting option gives one option of mounting it on windscreen or the dashboard. These Start Series gives seamless navigation across 7300 cities and towns in India and all of it without additional roaming costs. TomTom provides free lifetime maps with the device ensuring one…

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