Quick DIY Guide: How to Install a Dash Kit in your Car

Car enthusiasts spend a lot of time obsessing over exterior styling and how clean a car is. None of that is visible from behind the wheel. Instead, the parts of the car you interact with are the interior. Even minor changes to your car’s interior can create a more enjoyable driving experience, and for a chord change you’ll really notice, a dash kit makes a great, easy-to-install option that will help your car look more like a supercar. Dash kits are available to help you give your ride a custom…

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DIYautoFTW: An automotive knowledge repository

The internet has revolutionized the process of learning and gathering knowledge. Automotive enthusiasts enjoy working on their cars. Also, low-cost DIY repairs help save a few bucks as service costs can sometimes be a pain, especially if one happens to own a E46 BMW M3 or an old Porsche. Nowadays, with the internet and countless number of forums and websites around DIY jobs have become a lot easier. That said, it involves hours of research where most of the information is unorganized and at times, contradicting. I would highly recommend…

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