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John Cena-Ford GT-car-collection Celebrities Ford Videos 

WWE Star John Cena owns a Rare 2005 Ford GT

Did you know, WWE star wrestler John Cena owned rare exotic? Well, Cena does seem to have good taste when it comes to cars. He owns a rare 2005 Ford GT and here’s why collectors would like to have it in their garage. John Cena ordered his Ford GT with a few options that set it apart from the rest. His GT rides on optional forged wheels with red brake calipers. It also has the optional McIntosh audio system installed from the factory. Now, most Ford GT sold have a…

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Richard Hammond-Porsche 911 GT3 RS For Sale-Romans-1 Celebrities Porsche Supercars for Sale 

Richard Hammond’s Porsche 911 GT3 RS For Sale

Romans International in the UK has Richard Hammond’s Porsche 911 GT3 RS for sale. It’s a one-off spec finished in special Paint To Sample Sport Classic Grey with black leather and Lava Orange Alcantara interior. The roll cage has also been paint-matched to the interior. The car also has a few options on it like ceramic brakes, front axle lifting system, wheels painted in satin black, Sport Crono package with Porsche Track Precision app, Porsche Communication Management, bi-xenon headlights in black with PDLS, illuminated door sill in carbon fiber, fuel filler cap…

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Richard Hammond bike accident-Mozambique-The Grand Tour Season 2 Car Shows Celebrities News 

Richard Hammond Injured During Filming of The Grand Tour Season 2

Richard Hammond was injured during filming of The Grand Tour season 2 in Mozambique. He fell off a bike while film recording a sequence and banged his head. Some reports suggest that Hammond was knocked unconscious by the impact. However, that needs to be verified. Hammond was quick to post an update on Drive Tribe following the incident. Hammond explains the incident in a comic manner but does not divulge any details in the post titled, “I’ve checked and I’m not dead” “It’s true, I did fall off a motorbike…

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Cristiano Ronaldo test drives a Bugatti Chiron Bugatti Celebrities News 

Cristiano Ronaldo takes a Bugatti Chiron Test Drive

Cristiano Ronaldo has a thing for Bugatti. He already owns a Veyron which he bought post his Euro 2016 success and might just get himself a new Chiron. The star footballer has been driving the Chiron on Bugatti’s high-speed test track at Ehra-Lessien in Germany. Ronaldo posted a picture on his Instagram confirming this. Tested and approved by a champion #CR7xBUGATTI A post shared by Bugatti Official (@bugatti) on Feb 23, 2017 at 11:24am PST Bugatti has also been updating their Instagram with pictures of the athlete with one of…

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Chris Brown's Lamborghini Aventador Crashed in Beverly Hills-3 Celebrities Lamborghini News 

Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador Crashed in Beverly Hills

Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador was found abandoned on Beverly Hills roads following a major crash. The singer’s expensive exotic was completely destroyed in accident. It is not clear as to who was driving the Lamborghini at the time as those involved had fled the scene before anyone could find out. No one knows if anyone was hurt in the accident. There doesn’t seem to be any kind property damage, however Chris Brown’s Lamborghini didn’t survive. The $400,000 Italian supercar was probably doing illegal speeds before being wrecked. The right hand…

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jon-olsson-lamborghini-huracan-camouflage-1 Celebrities Lamborghini Supercars for Sale 

Jon Olsson’s Lamborghini Huracan For Sale. Custom Roof Box Included

You can now own Jon Olsson’s custom Lamborghini famously camo-wrapped and fitted with a roof box. The highly modified supercar has been put up for sale for a very reasonable price of $269,000 approx. The pro skier has extensively modified his Lambo not just aesthetically but also under the hood. What we have here is a custom built Huracan with 800 hp. Now, a brand new Huracan costs about $250,000 in the US. With almost $100,000 worth of modifications, Jon Olsson’s one-of-a-kind Huracan seems like a bargain. According to Olsson, it has…

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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler selling his Hennessey Venom GT Celebrities Hennessey News 

Hennessey Venom GT owned by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Sold at Auction

Steven Tyler’s Hennessey Venom GT fetched $800,000 at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction. The proceeds from the sale of the rare supercar which recently went out of production will be donated to charity. Video: May 5, 2016 Steven Tyler- lead singer of the popular rock band Aerosmith is selling his Hennessey Venom GT supercar. The car is now up for auction and bidding is currently on. According to Fox News reports, proceeds from the sale will benefit Tyler’s Janie’s Fund charity who work for the betterment of abused girls. Bids will be accepted…

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Jon Olsson drifts a Lamborghini Huracan Celebrities Lamborghini Videos 

Jon Olsson Drifts a Lamborghini Huracan with Sam Hubinette

Jon Olsson gets behind the wheel of a modified Lamborghini Huracan in his latest vlog. According to Jon, drifting a Huracan feels all wrong but is a lot of fun at the same time. Let’s talk a bit more about the insane Lamborghini Huracan now. It’s a Huracan LP580-2. Yes, the newly launched rear-wheel drive baby-Lambo. Sam Hubinette has made some changes to the stock car though. The most obvious change is the awesome Vorsteiner body kit and custom wheels. Inside, the supercar has been fitted with a hydraulic handbrake…

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Ludacris-Acura NSX-Fate of the Furious Acura Celebrities News 

Fate of the Furious Star Ludacris takes delivery of his Acura NSX

The new Acura NSX might not be selling like hot cakes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t popular with Hollywood. Recently, Ludacris from The Fate of the Furious took delivery of his brand-new Acura NSX. While showing off his new ride on Instagram, Ludacris was quick to point out the similarities between the NSX and his shoes. Well, we don’t doubt that. A photo posted by @ludacris on Dec 17, 2016 at 7:37am PST The actor has been a loyal customer of the brand. He owns a 1993 Acura Legend…

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The Grand Tour hosts play Forza Horizon 3 on XBox One Celebrities Racing games Videos 

VIDEO: The Grand Tour Hosts Play Forza Horizon 3 on XBox One

The Grand Tour and Forza Horizon 3 have a lot in common. That’s why Xbox Live hosted Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on Twitch for a live stream session. As part of the Game with Fame live stream event, the hosts of The Grand Tour tried to showcase their driving skills in a virtual environment. Richard Hammond who has never played a racing game before was predictably terrible at it. James May, as you might have guessed was quite slow and Clarkson gave it the full beans every…

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