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Mike Brewer-Wheeler Dealers Car Shows News 

Wheeler Dealers: Mike Brewer Tweets Edd China is a “Traitor”

About two months ago, Edd China quit Wheeler Dealers. He took to Youtube to thank those involved in the popular television show and especially his co-host Mike Brewer. We were under the impression that everyone was cool with Edd’s decision and that the team had moved on. Apparently, things have gone a bit sour ever since Edd left the show. Mike Brewer recently tweeted referring to Edd as a “traitor”. He said, “Edd left, didn’t say, just abandoned the show and then trashed it after 13 years… who’s the traitor?” Clearly,…

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Ant Anstead replaces Edd China for Wheeler Dealers season 14 Car Shows News 

Ant Anstead Replaces Edd China For Wheeler Dealers Season 14

Edd China will not be co-hosting the popular car show Wheeler Dealers anymore. Mike Brewer will no be joined by Ant Anstead for Wheeler Dealers Season 14. “After 13 seasons, longtime co-host and lead mechanic Edd China has decided to leave the series to pursue other projects. Wheeler Dealers will continue for a season 14 later this year with current co-host Mike Brewer who will now be joined by Anstead,” Velocity said in a press release. Mike’s new master mechanic is no stranger to cars. Anstead is well known as a car builder,…

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Richard Hammond bike accident-Mozambique-The Grand Tour Season 2 Car Shows Celebrities News 

Richard Hammond Injured During Filming of The Grand Tour Season 2

Richard Hammond was injured during filming of The Grand Tour season 2 in Mozambique. He fell off a bike while film recording a sequence and banged his head. Some reports suggest that Hammond was knocked unconscious by the impact. However, that needs to be verified. Hammond was quick to post an update on Drive Tribe following the incident. Hammond explains the incident in a comic manner but does not divulge any details in the post titled, “I’ve checked and I’m not dead” “It’s true, I did fall off a motorbike…

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Bugatti Chiron review in Top Gear season 24 Car Shows Videos 

VIDEO: New Ford GT, Chiron Review Part of Top Gear Season 24

BBC just released a new trailer of Top Gear season 24. After watching the trailer, I think Top Gear has found its mojo. The new series looks exciting with quite a few interesting reviews coming our way. In previous trailers we saw Chris Harris hooning a LaFerrari FXX K. In the latest installment we can spot a Bugatti Chiron and a 2016 Ford GT. Does that mean, Top Gear will be the first publication in the world to review the two supercars? Well, we hope so because that will be…

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Top Gear Season 24 trailer-3 Car Shows News 

Top Gear Season 24 Confirmed. New Series starts on March 5

Now that you’ve finished watching The Grand Tour, it will be soon be time to tune in to Top Gear season 24. The new series starts on Sunday, 5 March. BBC has been releasing trailers of the upcoming series in the last coupe of weeks. Today, they confirmed the launch date along with the star cast of the show. Chris Evans as we know is out of the show. A new trio is back at the helm lead by Matt LeBlanc with Chris Harris and Rory Reid completing the main…

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Top Gear season 24 trailer-2 Car Shows Videos 

VIDEO: Top Gear Season 24 Trailer has Chris Harris in a LaFerrari FXXK

The BBC just released the first extended trailer of Top Gear season 24. So, Chris Evans is out following the show’s dismal ratings. A three-man team of Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanch and Rory Reid will be taking over with Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan chipping in once in a while. Also see: Top Gear season 24 teaser video The dramatic video shows Chris Harris in a LaFerrari FXXK. I’m quite looking forward to that test. Also, Matt LeBlanc will be seen driving an Aston Martin DB11 in one of his films…

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Bugatti Chiron Official Image- 2016 Geneva Motor Show-4 Bugatti Car Shows Videos 

Bugatti Chiron Road Test in ‘The Grand Tour’ Season Finale

‘The Grand Tour’ kicked off proceedings with a three-way test between the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder. The opening season of the motoring show on Amazon Prime is set to end on a high note with a Bugatti Chiron road test. The season finale of the ‘The Grand Tour’ airs this weekend and much to our excitement will feature the new Bugatti Chiron. In the past, James May was lucky to experience the Veyron at almost its top speed. We will soon find out if they attempt to…

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the-grand-tour-test-track-eboladrome Car Shows News 

The Grand Tour Test Track is an RAF Airfield in Swindon

So, how many of you watched the first episode of The Grand Tour? If you did, I’m sure you enjoyed every bit of it. But, did you notice that The Grand Tour also has their own test track? The Grand Tour test track, much like the Top Gear test track is a disused RAF airfield. RAF Wroughton in Swindon will host all the track tests that we will see in future episodes. The guys call it “Eboladrome” because it’s shaped like the Ebola virus. If you remember, the Top Gear…

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the-grand-tour-trailer-2 Car Shows Videos 

Watch New The Grand Tour Trailer Here

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s new motoring show- The Grand Tour premiers this weekend. With just 5 days to go for the launch a second The Grand Tour trailer has just leaked on to the internet. The new car show which will be streamed on Amazon Prime features the old Top Gear trio blowing up stuff and falling over, much like the old days. The latest trailer includes some more footage from the hybrid hypercar test including the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. Also included in…

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the-grand-tour-trailer-re-made-in-gta-5 Car Shows Videos 

VIDEO: The Grand Tour Trailer Re-Made in GTA 5

Our favorite Top Gear hosts- Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will soon be back with a brand new car show on Amazon Prime. The first, full-length The Grand Tour trailer was released a few days back. Now, someone has recreated it in GTA 5 and it looks epic. The Grand Tour will be streamed live on Amazon Prime every week starting November 18. Moreover, viewers will be able to watch their favorite motoring presenters for an approximately $10 subscription fee. Existing Amazon Prime members will be offered a 30…

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