2016 Mini John Cooper Works-10 Mini Photoshoots 

12 Hours with the 2016 Mini John Cooper Works

Mini Cooper has been building pocket rockets for decades, but this new one is something special. I was recently given the keys to a 2016 Mini John Cooper Works for 12 hours to see how this car performed and if I could see myself driving it everyday. So let us begin! The Exterior It looks just like its little brothers but with added pieces to make it more exciting. The front has added an aero kit to help feed the beast under the hood. Naturally there are JCW badges on…

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2015 VW Golf GTI at Mount Evans, CO Featured Photoshoots Volkswagen 

Exploring Mount Evans in a 2015 VW Golf GTI

We can all agree that the 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI is truly a great car. Now that we have that out of the way, we can, yet again, agree that great cars need great roads. While I lived in Colorado I was blessed with fantastic mountain roads but you just don’t go to any mountain road in a Golf GTI. This one is the highest paved road (all the way to the top) in North America. 14,130 feet to be exact and let me say it was awesome. Now a little…

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Lamborghini customer track day at Autobahn Raceway 1 Lamborghini Photoshoots 

Lamborghini Esperienza: Event Photography

Last June I had the pleasure of working with one of the greatest automotive manufacturers in the world- Lamborghini. It was all happenchance really. I received an email newsletter for Lamborghini North America and then I reached out to their agency and they responded.  I let them know if they ever needed someone – I was here! So a few weeks later they emailed me again saying that their regular photographer would be unable to make an upcoming event and if I could submit a brief to cover it. Could I?!?! No need…

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Land Rover Discovery Sport Land Rover Photoshoots Reviews 

Land Rover Discovery Sport: Discovering Sport

The new Discovery Sport is a young, baby Land Rover. Land Rover has set this car up to be aimed at the youthful generations. It still has the look and capability of a Land Rover, but in making it more affordable, those who thought they could never own one, now may be able to do just that! Now…I only had the car for two hours, but I certainly found what I did like and what I did not. So, here is a brief first drive experience of the Land Rover…

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