Honda ZSX-Baby NSX-S2000-replacement-patent image-1 Acura Honda News 

Mid-Engined Baby NSX by Honda Revealed in new Patent Images

Honda has been thought be working on a baby NSX for at least a year now. Back in August 2016, we published a set of patent images showing the rumored Honda ZSX mid-engine sports car. Today, a new set of images are doing the rounds, showing a slightly modified version of the baby NSX that we saw a year ago. The revised images focus more on the interior of the car. Hence, you don’t see a roof nor do you see a windshield. That said, the baby NSX is expected…

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Ludacris-Acura NSX-Fate of the Furious Acura Celebrities News 

Fate of the Furious Star Ludacris takes delivery of his Acura NSX

The new Acura NSX might not be selling like hot cakes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t popular with Hollywood. Recently, Ludacris from The Fate of the Furious took delivery of his brand-new Acura NSX. While showing off his new ride on Instagram, Ludacris was quick to point out the similarities between the NSX and his shoes. Well, we don’t doubt that. A photo posted by @ludacris on Dec 17, 2016 at 7:37am PST The actor has been a loyal customer of the brand. He owns a 1993 Acura Legend…

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Drag Race- Acura NSX vs Nissan GTR Acura Nissan Videos 

Drag Race: Acura NSX vs Nissan GTR

The Nissan GTR is one of the fastest accelerating cars on the planet. It even gave James May the “fizz” when he experienced ‘launch control’ in a GTR. But, is it quick enough to beat a 2017 Acura NSX? The good folks over at The Exotic Revolution decided to find out by pitting the two Japanese high-performance cars against each other in a drag race. But before that, here’s a brief look at the specs. Also see: Drag Race: Acura NSX vs Lamborghini Aventador The 2016 Nissan GTR is powered…

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acura-nsx-destroys-lamborghini-aventador-in-a-drag-race Acura Lamborghini Videos 

Acura NSX Destroys a Lamborghini Aventador in a Drag Race

A 700 hp Lamborghini Aventador is not the supercar which comes to mind when you think of the 2017 Acura NSX. It’s impossible to compare these two on specification or even price. The Aventador Pirelli Edition featured in this video is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 which makes 691 hp. It has all-wheel drive and uses a 7-speed single-clutch transmission. Also see: Drag Race: Acura NSX vs Nissan GTR The new Acura NSX on the other hand has a puny 3.5-liter V6 engine with twin-turbos that boost power…

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2017-acura-nsx-crashes-in-taiwan Acura News 

2017 Acura NSX Crashes in Taiwan

You may not have heard about any 2017 Acura NSX crashes until now. This could be the first reported crash involving the new NSX. A 2017 Acura NSX chassis no. 0000 crashed in Taiwan on the Wang Kung Temple Provincial Highway. The hybrid supercar hit the median which caused extensive damage to the front of the NSX. Now, it is believed that this was media vehicle and was probably being driven by an auto journalist at the time of the accident. Air bags were deployed up on impact and it…

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Jaguar XJ220 3 Acura Featured Ford Honda Jaguar Nissan Porsche 

Top 5 Fastest Six-Cylinder Sports Cars

Engines of high-performance vehicles are commonly found to be six-cylinder in recent years: ranging from the BMW M2 to Porsche 911’s. So, here’s a list of top 5 fastest six-cylinder sports cars in the world. 5. Acura NSX – Top Speed: 191 mph Japanese manufacturer, Acura, created the NSX as a stupidly fast six-cylinder sports car. The recently revealed 2017 NSX is a car to worry many manufacturers across the globe. The NSX features a very extreme exterior. Henceforth it has been styled with sharp aerodynamic edges and curves across the body…

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worlds-greatest-drag-race-6 Acura Aston Martin Audi BMW Chevrolet Dodge Ford Jaguar McLaren Nissan Porsche Videos 

World’s Greatest Drag Race 6

Motor Trend’s annual drag race film is now out on Youtube. So, which among the following supercars do you think can win the World’s Greatest Drag Race 6? On the more affordable side is the Chevrolet Camaro 1LE, BMW M4 GTS and the Porsche 911 Carrera S. Things start to get a bit more exciting as we move down the line up. Representing the American continent is the Dodge Viper ACR, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R and the 707 hp Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. From Europe, you have, the McLaren 570S,…

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The Stig vs Acura NSX at Top Gear test track Acura Videos 

VIDEO: The Stig takes an Acura NSX around Top Gear Test Track

Who would like to see the Stig set a lap time in an Acura NSX around the Top Gear test track? Well, I’m sure you would. The Stig recently got his hands on the new Acura/Honda NSX. Jack Rix, editor of Top Gear magazine decided to hop on-board the 500 hp hybrid supercar to talk us through the lap. It reminds me of the Clarkson days. But, anyway, it looks like the NSX set a pretty quick time. Hopefully, we will learn how fast it actually went and where it…

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Honda-Acura NSX Type R-2 Acura Honda News 

Autocar Renders new Honda NSX Type R

The new NSX platform will spawn a family sports cars including the much anticipated Acura/Honda NSX Type R. This digital rendering by Autocar gives us a good idea of what the high-performance model might look like. According to NSX project boss Ted Klaus, various versions of the NSX are being considered. The company is currently looking into a non-hybrid, convertible, all-electric and a stripped down version of the NSX. That lightweight model would probably be the Type R. Furthermore, a convertible NSX sounds like an exciting proposition and so does…

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Acura NSX EV Concept- 2016 Pikes Peak Hill Climb-1 Acura News 

Acura NSX EV to Race at Pike Peak Hill Climb

Acura will compete in the 2016 Pike Peak International Hill Climb event in Colorado later this month. An all-electric prototype Acura NSX EV will also take part in this year’s event. The Acura NSX EV Concept is powered by a four electric motors- a pair on each axle. It will attempt to up the 12.42 miles course in record time on June 26. “Pikes Peak is like no other race in the world and offers a unique opportunity to showcase the power and performance of our products,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president…

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